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Thank you everyone, for the nice messages. Another cute story. Alyssa went to the hospital today to see her mom and new baby brother. Heather said that she was so curious and kept looking at the baby, then back at mommy's tummy. Finally, she walked to the bottom of the bed and looked under Heather's gown trying to figure it out!

Anyway, here is Thomas Jacob only a few minutes after birth.

[Image: TJwithMommy.jpg]

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They're both beautiful, Maryann! Thanks for the picture. Heather is glowing!

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What a fabulous picture, Maryann!
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oh what a wonderful picture

Congratulations to all.

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Oh my, brought a tear to the old eye...what a great pix!

And Alyssa will soon love being the big sister
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Beautiful! What a handsome little man he'll charm the socks off his big sister in no time.
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Great picture Maryann...or should I say Grandma?
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Great picture and wonderful story I can picture her curiosty. Too cute.
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What a cute story - and a precious little one!!
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Now isn't that a lovely picture----thank you for sharing that!! Gandma again???? How special for Alyssa and, of course, the family!!!

Love the name for the new addition---ENJOY your new grandson---I'm sooooo jealous!!!!

Best wishes to all!!!
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