Putting On An Olympic Dinner
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What a fun party this would be to do -


My only problem is I don't know enough people in the area young enough to be really interested in the Olympics...our neighbors sure aren't - they would just come for the food!!
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It would be worth it just to see my friends struggle with the chopsticks. LOL!

Seriously, it DOES sound like a neat idea. For the Summer Olypics, I'd be more interested in the food, too. The Winter Olypics are the ones that would keep me glued to the TV.
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Jennifer and I have been talking about inviting some of our down the street neighbors (she's met them, I haven't) over for dinner. I think this would have been a fun dinner to do before they left for Beijing.

I may have to check and see if there are any of them still here!

Oh - I guess I didn't mention; we had track and field athletes training for the Olympics here in Stockton, and they are living in a huge house down the street. Some of them have gone home, sadly didn't make it. Others have left for China - but there may still be some.
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