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In the Sunday thread, I mentioned my scare. We had just gotten home from Myrtle Beach when a storm blew in. The tree the neighbors have been watching for their last 3 visits fell on MY HOUSE! The neighbors are down for the week of the Fourth, and they claim they had a tree guy coming Monday, yesterday, to take the thing down. Yea, right! Our tree guy is here today, making all kinds of scary sounds on my roof. He did say there are only 4 small holes in the roof. It really sucks that OUR insurance will be paying to have THIER tree removed! ARGGGG!!!!!

Anyway, the tree guy confirmed it today....my beautiful old majestic magnolia truly saved the house. I cried last night when William finally got around to telling me the tree guy said he didn't think he could save it. They are trying very hard, but as you will see in the pics, the weight of the tree is laying across the magnolia. It saddens me, but looking at it today, I see, it will probably not be worth it...but I'm not sure I can make the call to have it cut down. So sad!

[Image: 5e5e28b27d4c.jpg]

[Image: 4047b104c7a5.jpg]
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Oh Daphne. I am so sorry. It is just terrible to have those kind of things happen to your home. The last big storm we had a year and a half ago (really BIG storm) we lost a few trees and one went through my husbands shop.

We did learn that if you have a tree in a neighbors yard that you are worried about - Write them a letter that you are concerned about it. If you have it in writing that you have asked them to take care of a dangerous tree - their insurance will cover the damage if the tree comes down. Other than that - once a tree crosses the property line it is your problem - and you wood! Hope you can use/get some good fire wood out of the problem.
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Sorry to hear about your house and Magnolia tree. I love those trees. Our neighbor had cedar trees overhanging our house which everyone knows will ruin the roofing and the wood underneath. We finally got him to cut them down...mostly.
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Oh Daphne, what a shame for such a beautiful tree!
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