Mole-Rubbed Skirt Steak Fajitas - Review
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Well, we weren't impressed with this dinner at all! Darn, and it's the first tried in this issue (#69). Some of the components are good - the grilled guacamole I would probably do again, well, as far as grilling the avocado and then make my old standby. The grilling I liked.

The veggies were grilled veggies - what we always do.

Just did not care for the Fajitas themselves and the recipe is really not written very well - you tell me, how much would you use of this kind of measurement?

2 cups tomatoes, quartered?????
1 cup onion chopped?????

Keep in mind the pcs are kept rather large because they are to be roasted at 500 F. for 25 min (or starting to brown)....

So, guess I'll move on to some you all have reviewed and liked. Hate it when this happens.

I'm making three batches of granola today, one is done (it's really good!), one is in the oven for another 40 minutes and the third is ready to go in. Every recipe calls for a diferent oven temp. naturally, so can't double up.

Tonight's dinner is the shrimp rolls you liked so well, Daphne. will have them on/in popcorn buns.
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Jean, I'm sorry, we tried this one as well and were not thrilled with it either. The flavor of the rub for the steak just wasn't there. And like you said, grilled veggies is nothing new. I think you'll be MUCH happier with the shrimp rolls. They will be fabulous on the popcorn buns! Heck they were great with store bought. I can't wait to do it again with fresh!
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Darn! I was planning on making this for tomorrow night's dinner. Any suggestions to make it better?
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I'd recommend using your steak for the Italian Steak Sandwich from Cuisine Tonight. We had that recently, and liked it. Or, I'm thinking of trying the Steakhouse Burrito from the same book. That looks good. Or, play with the rub. That was the part I found lacking the most.
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I decided to pass on this fajita recipe.

I like beef marinated with lime juice & garlic. There are lots of flavors in salsas & guacamole to add to the dish.
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I looked at this and thought twice about fixing it. The condiments and sides looked interesting - but the "mole" part left me cold.

Daphne there isn't a whole lot in the rub that hollered "MOLE" to me. I would lose the sugar - use ground chilies instead of paprika. Mole does not usually contain chipotles.

Before the dried chiles are rehydrated and pureed they should be toasted in a dry cast iron skillet. I'd go with 2 or 3 kinds of chiles.

Mole's are usually made with dry roasted or grilled vegetables - again I use a dry cast iron pan and dry roast the tomato (in quarters), onion (in quarters), garlic (whole cloves), and any fresh peppers (jalapeno, serrano, poblano) cut in half and seeded. I also dry "toast" whole almonds, peanuts, and pepitas (hulled pumkin seeds).

Quantities??? A couple large tomatoes, 2 med white onions, 4 cloves of garlic, between 4 and 6 dried chiles of various kinds (rehydrate in hot chicken stock), 1 or 2 jalapenos, a good handfull of nuts. I like to toast cumin seeds and black pepper and grind them fresh for the sauce.Bittersweet chocolate is perfect - I like to chop good chocolate and puree in in the sauce along all the veggies, chiles, nuts, and a scant teaspoon of Mexican cinnamom (canela) which is less intense in flavor and the traditional cinnamon used.

For the meat - marinate in lime juice, crushed garlic, and beer.

JMHO - but that's how we do it. Of course ours is usually done with chicken - but hey.

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Thanks Sharon. I haven't done fajitas before, but I knew this wasn't right. From my POV, the only thing I had to offer was for Meg to change up her menu unless one of you came along to help out....And here are two of you. I'm copying the info also and will give it a go another time with a proper method.
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Although this one sounds as though it could be interesting, it just doesn't quite make sends to me.

Apart from Sharon already mentioned, Mole is really intended for poultry (usually turkey, if you want it the really traditional way), and the flavour combinations within Mole just don't seem as though they would work quite as well with beef. The choice of nuts, seeds, spices, chiles, other veggies, etc., is VERY variable (some places DO add chipotles, but Poblanos seem to be the most commonly used chiles). Each region, even each town, may have its own, specific, traditional Mole recipe.

It can also be an acquired taste. Some people just can't seem to wrap their minds (nor their taste buds) around the idea of a turkey sauce made with chiles, chocolate, and what amounts to a sort of "peanut butter." When you look at it that way, it does sounds VERY strange, and even when people don't know what it contains, they are often taken aback by at least their first taste of it, as they try to figure it out. For some, however, it never does catch on.
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Thank you for adding more information. I think you're right about the beef. Not something I'd figure on putting in a mole sauce - but grill off a pork butt (low and slow) and put a mole over the pulled pork - oh to die for. We also use it on pork and chicken tamales. Now I know what we're having for dinner!

For us it was a flavor combination that just rocked us. I spend a whole afternoon showing my daughter how to make a mole sauce for chicken - since it's her favorite meal.

Moles also come in different "colors" depending on the ingredients.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!

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