Lobster & Bacon recipe?
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Okay. Maybe I just dreamt this, but I was certain I had seen a recipe (or, at least, a discussion) about grilled lobster tail wrapped in bacon on this site recently, but even I (who usually help others with searches) have not been able to find it here.

I found the corn on the cob wrapped in bacon, and various filet-mignon recipes, but nothing about grilled lobster tails wrapped in bacon.

Normally, I cannot afford lobster, but my neighbour recently bought a bunch, and was thinking of grilling them with bacon. I am sure I saw something about this somewhere, and it was something more than just saying "wrap a slice of bacon around a lobster tail, hold it together with a toothpick, and toss it onto the grill." Instead, there had been something else that stood out as being intriguing, but I am equally at a loss to remember what THAT was as I am about where I may have seen the recipe.

Does this (the recipe, not the memory syndrome) sound familiar to any of you?

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Not really, but it sounds wonderful in concept. If it is lurking around here I hope it shows up...dang that Jean for keeping "banker's hours" as they say.
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Banker's hours??? That's funny

The only thing that comes to mind is last Christmas (and a couple years ago) I did a Beef tenderloin stuffed with lobster and pancetta....

hmmmm, also a lobster BLT.... (now that was tasty )

But, this sure sounds good.
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Well, fiddlesticks! Guess it's back to the search engines.
Of course, I could just use some other recipe I may find, involving lobster tails and bacon and grilling, but then it won't have whatever it is that had intrigued me about this one.

Will keep on looking. If I DO find it, I'll post it here.
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?
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AHA! I found the recipe, but it's no wonder I had so much difficulty looking for it: it's not about lobster at all! ROTFL!

Somehow, I must have read something ELSE about lobster around the same time, and made an unwitting memory association between lobster and this recipe.

Since the recipe has nothing to do with lobster, I'll post it in a separate thread, in case anyone should try to search for it later.
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?

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