Mother's Day???
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What's everyone doing on Sunday?? Every year I think I'd at least like to go out to brunch, but seems like we just play at home instead...probably will again this year. I'm thinking this mom's menu will included - for dinner -

Pimiento Burgers
Potato salad with a few chipoltes thrown in for good measure.
and something lemon for dessert...
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It'll be a quiet day here, as one person leaves for Palm springs Saturday. I found a bunch of different wood chips, so probably soemthing on the grill.
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We're going to my nephew's wedding near the Quad Cities (Northwestern Illinois) on Saturday. Sunday is my FIL's 80th Birthday. We'll visit my MIL's grave, then have a little party for Grandpa at my SIL's near Chicago. I'll predict the dinner will be Walmart fried chicken and homemade sides.

Hubby usually prepares a very nice dinner for me on Mother's Day- so that will have to wait until next weekend.
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I'm not sure yet! Bob races on Saturday and I'm supposed to go out on the committee boat to watch the race, and there's a potluck afterwards. Sunday?? My only requirement is margaritas - maybe Mexican food.
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Every year we go to my mom's. While my mother, sister and myself sit out on the patio the hubbies and kids cook brunch.

Now what I can't figure out is how I always end up making the biscuits and gravy
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We will end up at Holly's Grandmother's house (Grandma is fresh out of the hospital after suffering kidney failure and starting dialysis) and will be only a couple of weeks away from Holly's cousin's wedding so that is ALL we will hear about...the food will be dry, flavourless and I will just smile and pretend to enjoy myself.

We will stop at my mother's house and put in the two upstairs window air conditioners in case we ever get summer this year in Iowa. Holly repainted my mother's kitchen to go with the new floor she put in it a couple of weeks ago for her mother's day gift. Kambree and I got Holly cards and we have a new two caret engagement/wedding ring on lay a way for Holly. The center stone in the new ring is a full caret diamond. We are taking her current ring and putting the 1/2 caret stone on to her grandfather's wedding ring and having the diamond earrings her grandparents gave her put on either side of the other stone. All as a part of getting ready for next February and this year's Mother's Day.
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My husband has to fly to Atlanta on Mother's Day morning, so it will just be me and the kids. I'm thinking about taking them to see "Speed Racer" and out to dinner.

What a lovely gift for Holly, LJ!!
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LJ, that sound wonderful!

We're planning on spending the day with my mother. After my brother's recent death, it's likely to be a somber day. We'll do our best! Hopefully, I'll get to cook dinner.
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Ooohhh . . . Mother's Day. At this point, there are 960 reservations at the restaurant (still taking seating for 5:30 and 6:00), with 300+ for Saturday night, so I guess you know where I will be, and it is my birthday to boot! It will be Advil PM by 10:00 Sunday night!
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" It will be Advil PM by 10:00 Sunday night! "

No kidding! What a day that will be!!
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