Welcome my dear Friend.
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and we call you??? "Lvta"? "hoe" - oh no, I don't think so.....

Maybe just "Ivan" (...hoe)

Well, because of what the name REALLY is (obviously), I'll just say, "Hello, and welcome, Vegas!"
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You know, I didn't think about the Las Vegas/Tahoe thing. I just figured she was into gardening since Sharon told her to quit playing in the yard...LOL!
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While trying to navigate my way around, found the name "Lvta" hoe!! Still laughing... This is going to be fun. Thrilled that Sharon finally set me free to join this group. If the truth be known... I suspect she may have done this so that I would quit driving her nuts with all my questions.

Thanks Sharon, you are the best. Look forward to getting to know each of you. Joan
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Glad you're here, now 1. . 2. . 3
jump in!
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AHA! I was right! She does love to garden! Welcome Joan! I am glad to have a name better than "Hoe"...LOL!

So, what do you like to cook? What do you grow in your yard?

I have a second generation veggie garden going this year. After the drought last year, I'm hoping for better luck this year. It's "new" ground, so it won't be great, but hoping for better than "dead" like last year.

I also grow herbs and salad tomatoes at my house.
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Good Evening, Thanks for your note. What do I like to cook? Excellent question because I'll try anything. I love home made pasta, sausage, grilling, smoking chicken and whatever I can dream up. My garden is a work in progress: Have planted lemon, cherry, peach, and orange. The herb garden currently has basil, oregno, celentro, dill, parsley, and mint. My son helped me with the tomato garden and we have more varities than I can remember. Try to always put in snow peas in the fall and they do well here (central CA). Is a lot of work but worth every moment!! Is really fun to go out into the yard and pick dinner.

Back to what I like to cook: I have fun looking into the fridge and seeing what I can figure out. Am partial to Asian food and love Mexican. Good old American is always fun. My hubby comes from the South so I try that also.

What is your preference? Perhaps we can share some recipes. Nite, Joan
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My favorites are Italian, SW American, Tex-Mex, Caribbian, Southern,--but some of my best friends are cork soakers from Italy with an accent--I love wine--Barolo, Pinot Noir, Burgundy, --welcome --we have a good time here--don't show any weakness by the way--Regards, Bill.
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Ah...the mystery friend arrives.

While we are on the topic of what we like to cook I'll add my favourites...Greek, Italian, the cuisines of North Africa and the Middle East (Kosher and Arab) as well as southern French, Spanish, Portuguese and a not so secret passion for Cajun and Creole cuisines...

Hope we can all share and learn from one another...as the day I stop learning about food and wanting to learn and experience more about food is the day I quit my job and start selling...well in order to avoid insulting anyone I'll stop there....my bad, but everyone gets the idea.
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Hi, Joan. Welcome to the forum. I had read your username to mean you Love Tahoe. There are several around here who make funny word plays. It's good to see you have a well developed sense of humor.
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Hi Joan and I apologize for my faux pas... In the middle of working a party last night, I stopped and thot "Oh piddle, I should not have posted that!" Thank you for not being insulted.

I think I am reincarnated from Mexican and Italian parents, love to cook and eat those foods! But, then I love all the others also, hard to choose.

Bill, Billy J will get back to his ole self shortly, but he does like being Pollyanna every once in a while...
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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