Brewer's Yeast + Popcorn...Who Knew?
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Popcorn Bread? I really have to try this one. Let's all review it!

Count me in, but I won't be able to make until about a week from now.

BTW, I forgot to cite the source of the recipe. The book from which I copied it is The Inn Cookbook: Favorite Recipes from New England Country Inns, by Marjorie and Igor Kropotkin, and the recipe is from the Middlebury Inn in Middlebury, Vermont.
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I tried the Brewer's Yeast popcorn yesterday and gotta say I got the aroma of it while mixing it, but I sure couldn't taste it!

I divided the popcorn in two bowls and mixed one with German Lager-Beer and the other with Dark-Munich-Beer yeasts.

I'll have to go back to the casino and ask the bartender exactly how she did hers.
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