New Issue, June 08
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I got mine last night! Yea! Wow, I think The mole skirt steak fajita's might be first up, that ginger misted chicken looks real good too. Almost everything looks good to me - gee maybe I'm hungry! Can't wait for summer and some warmer weather to try some of the grilled salads. This one looks like a good one!

Stephanie has picked out the Everyday Gyro's and the grilled fruit salad, althought she just found the shortcakes. She is impressed too!

Has anyone noticed they have another new grilling book? Are they trying to kill my bank account?
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  Re: New Issue, June 08 by esgunn (I got mine last nigh...)
Got mine, too, Erin. The cremini marsala pizza looks good, as well as the shrimp rockefeller stuffed mushrooms. I think I can pull off the surf and turf on ceasar with Picky, that's a plus! The grilled scallop teriyaki salad would work, too. And I want to try the shrimp rangoon, now I just need the time to cook!

  Re: Re: New Issue, June 08 by pjcooks (Got mine, too, Erin....)
I got mine today too. Had the MRI this morning about 7 and by 9:30 AM Carol and I were on the way home. I had a surprise New Stove Warming gift from Mz. Luvnit, what a great heartwarming gift it was. Thank you Sweetie Pie!

Sears will be arriving Saturday with my New Right Stove. The only thing I cooked on the Wrong stove was Top Ramen. It was good too
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  Re: Re: New Issue, June 08 by bjcotton (I got mine today too...)
You're like the neighbor lady who insisted on a $80,000 kitchen remodel. Her husband sneered "$80,000 to make Rice-a-Roni". Then there's the other one who won't use her kitchen because she doesn't want to clean up. Go figure.

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I'm here - and it's probably there.

the ideas you all are letting us know about sounds like it's going to be a good issue!
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  Re: Re: New Issue, June 08 by bjcotton (I got mine today too...)
You are so welcome Billy! Hope you enjoy it.

So you all got your issue already... Nothing here yet. I think I will be hovering over the mailbox this afternoon.
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  Re: Re: New Issue, June 08 by luvnit (You are so welcome B...)
Mine came today! Like I mentioned elsewhere, it would be easier to list what I won't cook in this one, than what I will! I'm off to type in some recipes and make my list for tomorrow's grocery/herb buying trip!
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  Re: Re: New Issue, June 08 by Gourmet_Mom (Mine came today! Li...)
This new issue does look great! I think that I can find more than a couple of things that "my" PICKY one will like. Just love Mexican food, and shrimp!
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Hey Laura you'd think those of us near to the Publisher's offices (in Des Moines, IOWA) might just see their magazines in a timely manor...If I am lucky I'll get it soon...if all goes bad the lady that over sees our post office (town of about 175 people) will read it and forget it in her desk and the woman that covers her vacation will find it about 6 months from now with pages folded down and recipes cut out like has happened to other cooking magazines I get...
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Oh LJ, that is terrible! I hope you and Laura get yours soon! I just finished typing my favs into MC9 and made up my menu for next week. The shopping list is printed (as well as herb list for the garden). I'm ready to go for tomorrow! YEA!
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