Italian Cream Cupcakes
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Has anybody made the Italian Cream Cupcakes in Issue 67 (feb '08)? We just tried them and they were a mess! Something is wrong in that recipe I think. It says to fill the cups all the way to the top, which we thought was strange, but we did it. Anyway, of course, they ran all over the pan onto the bottom of the oven & made a terrible mess. Too bad too, because the batter tasted good. We're gonna try to salvage as much as we can, but they look like one big blob instead of individual cupcakes

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Hi Brewerboy and welcome!

I haven't tried this recipe yet. But looking at the directions, when you were you done mixing everything together what was the consistency?

I think most recipes of this nature fail due to the folding technique. It's a very precise process and if you fold to much you end up mixing and reliquifying the ingredients.

Looks like a heavy batter after all the ingredients are folded in. Was your oven good and preheated (30-40 min) before you put them in?

I wish I had a better answer for you.
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I haven't made these but they sure sound good. Thanks for the warning, I won't overfill the pan.

And welcome to the forum, brewerboy! Come back often and join in the fun.

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Hi All,

The consistency seemed fairly stiff, not too much so, maybe I did overfold, but I don't feel I did. And yes the oven was preheated for a long time. I salvaged as much as I could & we still plan on eating them. They are very good. Don't even know that they need the icing really.
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Someone else had reviewed them on post Italian Cream cupcakes

They said they scaled them back - did not fill to the top.
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Hi, I have made these Italian Cream Cupcakes twice. Although they are a lot of work, both batches turned out great. As for filling the cupcakes cup to the top, did you make sure to spray the top of the cupcake pan with Pam or some other non stick spray? Let them run over is what made them so spectacular as it made for huge cupcakes. They not only looked great, they tasted fantastic. Perhaps you missed something in the recipe? Non?
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Wow! All kinds of new users!

Welcome to the forum, brewerboy and Nancy! Thanks for contributing to our little community.

Not having made these, particular, cupcakes, my only reference is for the recipe for the blueberry muffins I make, which also calls for the tins to be filled, and to allow it to overflow when baking. The muffins usually need to be cut apart (with no problem getting them out of the well-greased/sprayed tins), but have never overflowed in the way brewerboy described.

If nothing else, aside from the things the others have mentioned, you could also play it safe, the next time, by placing an empty baking sheet on a separate shelf underneath the cupcakes. That way, if anything DOES overflow, it will get caught on the sheet and baked, rather than becoming a mess all over the oven.
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Hi Nancy! Welcome! I still haven't made these....maybe this summer.
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Welcome everyone!!
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Hi Nancy, and welcome to the forum! Please join us often as there are very nice people here and we all have a great time. Just wanted to thank you for the tip about spraying the top of the muffin pan to help release the big tops. I never would have thought to do that.


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