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A couple of years ago, when Lorraine and I were in Windsor, CO for a fundraiser (Billy, was that the trip you were with us??), we found this pasta booth at a local farmer's market. I've been doling out this particular pasta ever since and just finished the pkg. last night. Curried Leek Pasta - it's so good! Thought someone might be interested - I'm going to be ordering some more and probably other flavors also.


I'm now completely out of all that I bought that day - how about you, Lorraine? Still have some?
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I've been out for ages. I only bought the orzo, as I thought it would travel better. I had the Curried Leek, and the Autumn Harvest, both of which were excellent. Thanks for the reminder, I think I'll see if I can have some shipped to the States. The Sweet Potato Orzo sounds fabulous!!!!

I think Billy was with us that day.
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Nice website, thanks Jean.

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And to think these folks are only 2 hours away from me. I'm gonna have to find out what days they are down there and Derek and I will have to take a motor cycle ride down

Thanks for sharing that Jean.
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I just realized that I visited their stand at the Saturday farmer's market in Winter Park when I was in Florida last month. My brother and his girlfriend buy from them all the time. Most recently, they had a lemon pasta that was from the "private reserve" and liked it very much.

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Oh my word Jean! What an amazing website! I will definetely be ordering from them. I love all the choices!
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