Happy Birthday Daphne!
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Just wishing you a huge Happy Birthday!

[Image: birthday_cake.gif]

Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Happy Birthday Daphne!!!
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Happy Birthday....again, Daphne!!

But for a big 50, we should probably wish it at least ten times!!!
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Hope you have a wonderful day full of nice surprises.
Happy Birthday, Daphne!


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Awe, how sweet! Thanks again everyone! If I'm gonna make that review dinner...can't wait...I better get going. I took Monday (and possibly Tuesday)off and DH and I are going to Charlotte to take care of some business and spend a night on the town. I've got to get my list of things I can't find around here so I can include a few hours at the markets they have available.
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Wow two Birthday threads? Don't we feel special!? Well you should!

Half a century old!!!
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Happy birthday! Hope it's memorable in a good way!
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Happy, happy day, Daphne! I hope it has been wonderful and special for you!

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P.S.: Say "Hi" to Scooby, Velma, Freddie, and Shaggy for us.
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Allow me..

**steps up the mic. Taps it..'is this thing on?' instantly gets a high pitch feedback**

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!!
Happy Birthday Dear Daphne!!!
Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!!!


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