15 seconds until Mom's Birthday!!!
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Since it is midnight on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States (North Carolina as well) I figured I'd jump in with a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my "other" Mom...Daphne our very own Gourmet_Mom!

Hope your birthday is wonderful and wish we were there to celebrate with you and those I have not met but that are family too. I feel as if I have known them forever...

Once again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!
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Have a great day, Daphne!! And a Saturday also, how great is that?
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Happy, happy birthday!
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Thanks you guys! I think everyone should be able to celebrate their big FIVE 0 on a Saturday or your day off. If you gotta hit that number, you should at least be able to be off work.
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Oh jeepers! I thought I was the first one to post about this monumentous event and someone has beat me to it.

Well, Happy Birthday again!

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