PC's am I off base here?
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So this guy finds me on Hire a Chef. Seems the chef he hired to cook dinner tomorrow night has bailed him "due to injuries". So he asked if I was available. I asked him a few questions - where do you live (to calculate travel), who am I cooking for? What time did you want dinner served? Did you have a pre-planned menu with the other chef that he wanted to stick to.

So he replies that it would be for him and his wife and their 4 kids. One of the kids is 2 so not really counting on that as a 'person'.

Now being last minute, a holiday, not knowing anything about the kitchen he wanted a fresh pasta dish, 2 side dishes and dessert. I quoted my price as out in my area for a party of 15 I can easily make $600-$800 plus groceries.

So I quoted him $350 plus groceries not to mention the fact he lives about 35-40 minutes away. He said that was way out of line that the other chef was only charging him $150.

I sell gift certificates for a dinner for 2 for $150 and it's a set menu.

I guess folks really do not have any idea of what all is involved in preparing a nice meal.
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I thought this was a computer question. I saw the PC and thought it was a computer. That's funny.

Don't feel bad. I am sure you quoted him a fair price. People don't realize what is involved with planning, shopping and preparing an elegant meal.

Hang in there!
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He was also calling you with short notice causing you to scurry to cover the the event. I think you handled it right.
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I really have no experience with this, But two thoughts here...

1. If nothing else - it is a holiday and last minute, that alone would normally have an additional fee. Most places want any changes to menus days if not 2 weeks in advance.

2. You have a set pricing list, and don't second guess yourself or start comprimising this early in the game. If you find your buisness is not working then that would be the time to re-evaluate your practices - but not because someone balked at your services. People always want something for nothing. Stay strong and know that you and your skills are worth something and it is not for everyone.
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One of my favorite stories (you must remember, I am a laissezfaire capitalist-"ie" Adam Smith)is one involving a plumber. A man has a leak on Christmas Eve-big- flooding the cellar--plumber comes, stops the leak, drains the basement, and presents the bill after 3 hrs, for $6000. The owner complains--says I'm a doctor and I don't charge that much--plumber says "I know, I used to be a doctor". Value is based on the need at the time, and the quality of the response. For the mechanic it is which screw to turn, for the chef it is how to properly satisfy hunger with the most satisfication, and reward , both to the chef and the customer. Never apologize. If they complain tell them to go somewhere else. You are that good! My God I feel like Og Mandino!
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I agree with all that was said, even Bill
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Denise, you were right on the money with your actions. I don't know what the pricing is in the PC world in Sunny Southern California so I really can't say if your pricing is correct. Most importantly, you stood your ground and stood by your beliefs on the issue at hand.

Poor guy lost out on a great meal I am sure.
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Ya did good!

As my "ex" always said "If you have to ask the price you can't afford it."

Holiday weekend and a last minute call? He'll be lucky if anyone will quote him anything less or provide him with the quality of food that you would have! Let them go out to dinner - or bring home take out - he has no clue what he's missing!
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Denise, you were sooo right in your approach----NEVER back down because you are better than that!!! Let them get McDonald's----your time (especially last minute) is well worth your quote (I would have been a bit higher!!!!---I guess that's why I will never be a PC ) I also thought this was to do with computers---happy it wasn't because I could not have responded!!!!

You must always remember your worth, sweetie----do NOT lessen your worth.....every one else will take advantage!!!
Uh uh----you are better than that!!!!
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You're not off base at all, Denise, we all pay more for emergency (so to speak) services, whether it's the hospital, the oil burner guy, the tow truck, so why shouldn't he? And, it doesn't matter if the other guy only charges $150, he could have charged $25 and it wouldn't have mattered, he wasn't going to show up anyway. He probably re-thought his food and labor costs and decided an injury was in order.

Glad you stuck to your guns, you don't want those customers.


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