Lumber yards
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Every once in awhile I accompany DPicky to Lowes or Home Depot. He is fairly patient following me around book, craft and cookware stores so I return the favor every 6 months or so.

He is building a new bookcase since we've just about run out of room again and I begrudgingly agreed to stop the broth and go with him.

Well! Was I surprised to find a small cubby holding about 9 cooking magazines. What a treat it was to find C@H's Cuisine for Two!

He just shakes his head that no matter where we go, I can find something to buy. Btw, it's a great book and it was discounted.

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Oh, Loews, another store I try not to visit, I can do damage there as well! It makes sense for them to stock something like cooking magazines, now doesn't it


Glad you found C@H there, next time they come out with a new one, I'll check there first!
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Oh now I have to go to Lowe's and get it. That's one that I want.
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