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Billy just called, he's been in the hospital since Tuesday!! He mentioned having trouble with his new medications here a week or so ago, but then he ended up with pancreatis (sp?) and dehydrated and just overall messed up.

He went into the hospital in Roseburg and was taken by ambulance to Portland on Thursay. He's feeling better and started with liquids today, so hopefully he's on the mend.

BUT, THE LITTLE SH*tHEAD - do you think he's taking advantage of being doped up and out of touch to try to stop smoking??? NO, they gave him a patch that he can take off and go to the smoking room, for crying out loud!

Anyway, he wanted to let you all know he is missing us all and will get back to us asap.

(Lorraine, I would have called you, but I wanted to get this posted before the game started.... )
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Thanks for letting us know Jean! I wondered where he was. He's just getting on fluids and he's going to the smoking area!?!? That used to flip me out at Duke. People in hospital gowns pulling IVs and/or oxygen just puffing away. Yikes!
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I was just wondering where Billy's been. Hope he's well and home soon.
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I can tell you. I've been nicotine-free for exactly 25 months today, but, hey - who's counting? It's very, very difficult to quit and I imagine Billy's been smoking since he was a teenager. In his mind, it's probably a milestone that he's feeling well enough to go to the smoking room.

If he ever gets the desire to quit he will. I'm looking forward to his speedy recovery and return to the boards - please pass along my best wishes.

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Sorry to hear our dearest Billyj has been having health problems, but glad he's on the mend. Hoping for a full recovery, it's not the same without our Billy dear.
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Oh dear, tell him from me he IS a little sh*thead. Not to take this opportunity. He was going to give up over a year ago. I think he may have lost all his good intentions when Fredia died. Give him my love Jean, I have siad before what a beast of a thing pancreatitis is, I really feel for him.
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Thank you Jean for keeping us posted on Billy's situation. That is just terrible. Please tell him that he's in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I am sure he knows that, but it doesn't hurt to hear it.

** And he SHOULD quit smoking. Not good for you. I should quit too

p.s.s. I made his Lemon Ginger white Pepper cake today! Finally. It was absolutely moist and delectable! We loved it!
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I finally quit in Jan '99 after several attempts--I used the patch too, but reading it I found that if you drank while using it you could have seisures--I told my wife that I could't stop both at thesame time--I just quit (smoking). Billy you just have to be ready--No one can help until YOU decide it's time to stop. I'm here when you're ready my friend.
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Thanks, Jean, for the update. I emailed him a few days ago and he was trying to get his meds straight. I hope he's on the right track now. I sure miss him around here

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Thanks Jean for letting us know - I know pancretitis is a long recovery

Hope he can quit smoking too. - I would of thought that hospitals wouldn't

have a smoking room! Now that is something.

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