Roxanne and New Year's Eve
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You must have already celebrated, Rox, and I assume you are sleeping off your good cheer?!!

Hope it was great!

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How wonderful that you think of me (US) on this special day!!!! We have had a wonderful NY's eve dinner and the bubbly and now we are listening to the firecracker concert that is very prevalent at this time of the "end of or beginning of" year!!!! We have an awesome vantage point--our master bedroom looks out over TABLE MOUNTAIN (landmark for Cape Town) and the celebrations are incredible!!!!

I was thinking of Dale (vannin) when the news programs here mentioned that New Zealand celebrated the FIRST of the NEW YEAR!!!! And Macau was with them!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all----may you all have a very healthy, prosperous, happy one!!!!

You are the BEST!!!! Hugs, from me!!!!!

And what are y'all doing????
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Glad to hear you're having a good time, Roxanne!

" And what are y'all doing "
Right now, I'm doing laundry and packing as we leave tomorrow morning at first light for Baltimore. Then it's off to the Inn to help cook. Enjoy your day, Rox, and everyone!!!!

Totally off topic, I knew you lived in Cape Town, but just remember that my nephew's wife was born there!!!! What a small world.
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Wait, wait! It's almost New Years already? I was still stomping around saying, "Bah Humbug!" My best to all of you!
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I don't know what I was thinking, of course Dale was celebrating way before us!!

Happiest to you, too, Dale!!


And, I'm getting ready for my night on the town!! The only decision I need to make at this point is, green heels or black
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I'm sleepy now . We're staying home, eating leftovers and drinking champagne. DH has to work tomorrow. Yep, wild and crazy!

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Ah Roxanne, I know it isn't so, but I like to think of us raising our glasses together. Happiest NY to you all.

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