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Setting the Christmas table is a function that is handled by my wife and my daughter. The table starts with a nice flower arrangement for a center piece. This years is a silver angel with greens and mums as well as lilies
and roses. And as the dish storage packs are opened it looks like it will all work well this year.

[Image: centerpice.jpg]

My wife is working hard to put the table together for the feast. This year the house is loaded with people. Both of my wife's parents are here as is her sister with her two children. Should be a fun event.

While the table is being set I pull out a selection of wines that were chosen for the holiday.

[Image: tigertail.jpg]

[Image: shiraz.jpg]

[Image: wine.jpg]

While the wines are breathing the table preparation continues. Since my wife's mother is terminal with lung cancer, we are working to make this a memorable as possible for her and the rest of the family.

[Image: table1.jpg]

[Image: table2.jpg]

[Image: placeset.jpg]

We both like the way it looks after she is done with the table set. Many people forget the table set is also part of the meal. Primarily doing my professional cooking in catering I realize it. In catering we control the entire event, not just the cooking. Understanding that helps ensure we put on an event and not just put out the food!

'Til we talk again, maybe you can add a center piece to the New Years Eve table set. Even just a nice flower arrangement for two of you will make a surprising difference in the look of the festive table!

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