Lump Crab Meat?
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When recipes call for Lump Crab Meat (for a dip especially), could I use the black can of crab meat from Costco? It's in the refrigerated section.

If so, has anyone used it before? How is it?
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I would be interested in the answer to this. Although, I have always gone with the crab I could afford to make a recipe. I felt, the better the quality of the crab, the better the recipe would be.

I think your recipe would help in the answer. A crab spread, stuffed mushrooms, etc would be okay with the canned you are talking about. But I am looking for a duplicate of a restro hot crab dip that I believe would require a premium lump crab. I've got numerous recipes to try, just waiting for the money to dive in and try them all..LOL! The good stuff always cost SO much more...but tastes sooo much better!
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Look for a pasturized crab in a can in the refer section--usually good quality--not as good as fresh--usually picked over well. The really good canned is ok in stuffed mushrooms as Gourmet Mom said--wouldn't do much else with it--Old Bay (I named myself for necessery ingredient in crab cakes, so you know where my heart is).
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I can't always get fresh crab here, so I buy the canned Philip's crab meat. Works fine for me.
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Should work okay. Make sure you drain it well.
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What Labs said. And pick through it for cartilage. There's not usually much, if any, in it, but, better safe than sorry.
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I'm with everyone else, Trixxee - in a pinch or when I'm too cheap to put out the money, I'll use the canned from Costco.

Especially when I'm testing recipes I'll use the Costco - just in case.
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Well Daphne, my dear, if you moved to Wa®shington you wouldn't have to use canned crab meat except for part of the year.
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Thanks guys.! Now riddle me this! Is there a difference between taking your own king crab legs and taking the meat out versus paying $25.00 a pound (or whatever it is - I haven't priced it for years) for lump crab meat at an upscale store? Is lump crab meat a different kind of crab than king? Are you paying for the convenience of having the work done for you?
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Interesting. I heard on the tv once that tinned crab meat is on of the few meats that hold up to the process really well.

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