The Big Day is over
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Well. 14 and a half hours later, my day is over. (Course I have to start all over again @7AM tomorrow). We had a plated dinner for 200 tonight, in a tent. The wind was howling, it was pouring, thunder, lightening, and of course running late because the guests (major contributors to UNH) had to schmooze and drink all the free alcohol. There were times I thought the tents were going to blow down. And let's not forget the cold. I'm amazed we were able to keep 200 dinners warm and not overcooked, being held in the Carter-Hoffmans (warmers).
Especially since or maybe because they were cooked in stages over the last 2 days.

Our menu:

Cheese and crackers

Bibb lettuce, mesclun, chevre, shaved red onion, cuke and tomato w/lemon mint vin

Filet w/a tomato hollandaise
Baby potatoes
Steamed baby veg
Ciabatta (I know I spelled that wrong, too tired for spell check)

Assorted mini pastries, made by our pastry chef

Good thing is, they start on coffee, we walk away.

Pretty simple menu but very good, who doesn't love a free filet and salmon dinner?

Another 8 or 9 hours and I'll have 2 days off! (One thing I'm NOT going to do is spend it doing housework!!!)

And that's my day

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Oh come on PJ, just think of the housework you've ignored over the last week or two..... To heck with it, put your feet up, a bottle of wine next to you, a Lorazepam to sooth the nerves/muscles and drift away for a few hours.
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That's worth a very dry Tanqueray martini, up, garnished with a caperberry, and my congratulations--to the chef who came in from the cold.
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...and a good day's work it was!! The guests probably had enough free booze in them that they would have said, "What wind? What rain?"
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Whew, PJ, what a day you had!

Now go and take care of you! I'd do all the above -- the martini, Lorazapam, a good old time movie in the DVD player (or a good book), the comfy Lay-z-boy and ottoman, and a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging EVERYWHERE!

Enjoy your time away!!! You've definitely earned it! (and to hell with AIN"T going anywhere (unfortunately!), and will wait for you (again, unfortunately!!!)! Relaz!
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BUT isn't it great to have that behind you??? It's tough work, but very satisfying----otherwise we would not go ahead with the debacles!!!!

I'll settle for a great, really STIFF Johnny Walker Black on ice, thank you very much!!!

Well done, PJ----now go and rest and get ready for the next adventure!!! The housework never goes away---why waste the time when you can do it next week, or month ---- LOL
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Thanks, guys, I'm tipsy just reading about all those drinks! By 8:30 this AM, I had made futzy sandwiches for 125, then worked on hors for 600, so an easy day but I was dragging. Only 8 hrs though, glad the week is done.

On a serious note, when I came in this morning one of the catering students had a seizure. When she fell, she knocked down the dirty linen bag and all you could see was dirty aprons, it took a minute to realize there was an unconscious, unresponsive person under there. The ambulance was there almost immediately, and we now know to 1) never try to stop one, 2) clear the area and 3) try to protect their head. (The old swallow the tongue thing is old school of thought, apparently) She ended up with a skull fracture from the fall. So we jumped into catering mode to get her events staged before we started w/the food.

And I thought I had a bad week.

My weekend is just beginning, gonna let Picky make dinner, and you know what that means!! Let someone else do the dishes

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My goodness what a week! Sheesh! Sweetie draw a hot bubble bath, light a bunch of candles, grab a double "whatever trips your trigger", let Picky bring you dinner, and just relax. You certainly deserve to kick back for a couple days.
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