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This Monday is our Thanksgiving holiday. This was to be my menu:

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, various chutneys
Mashed potatoes and braised sweet potatoes(done in orange juice, red onions and rosemary)
Carrots, leek and celery in vermouth
Sauteed brussell sprouts
Jean's Gourmet Onions
Corn Pudding
Mashed turnips, might add some parsnip or squash to them
Pickled beets, onions, garlic etc
Pumpkin Pie, haven't decided what type of Bread Pudding yet, and something chocolately. I have a few bottles of Ice Wine I'd like to pair something with.

That was when we were to have a housefull for the weekend. We found out last night they are not coming. Do think I might have too much food and maybe I should cut out a few things????

They are forecasting full sun and 30F all weekend. We decided if they are right, we'll crank up the heater on the pool (cost be darned) and have one last swim.
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Oh Lorraine, have you ever tried Chef CJ's (not me-the other one) chocolate bread pudding??

How many aren't coming - what a crappy thing - and groceries, I assume, are all purchased????

If you get to go swimming, why not ditch the whole thing and have a last BBQ of the summer....that'll teach 'em.
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There were 11 people coming, plus us made 14. Now we're down to just us 3. A BBQ sounds good, we were planning on deep frying the turkey. Maybe I should ditch the whole menu, make potato salad and coleslaw!!!! I'll check for the bread pudding recipe. I asked Gil for his bourbon sauce recipe for bread pudding last night. When he said "take 3 cups of bourbon..." I stopped him. The recipe makes 3 quarts of sauce. LOL
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Whatever you do will be FUNNNNN!!! I would do your original thought but scale down a bit---the leftovers NEVER go to waste!!!

Now, tell me more about that pool thang!!!! We are waiting for ours to warm up---we can usually start swimming mid-September but we have been having cold, rainy weather here---very unusual for this time of year!!!! Need to get to the exercise routine---Peter is wilting away to nothingness---AMAZING how we need our exercise routine as we age!!! Good though!!!
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I think that is rather pissadointing Lorraine. They must have known you are the cook extrordinaire, and would have laid in miles of food. Kilometres even.
  Re: Re: Thanksgiving by cjs (Oh Lorraine, have yo...)
I only did it once, and it was fabulous - with brandied hard sauce. The timing is so tricky that it's kind of pain to either rush your guests or have them wait forever for dessert. And then, when it's just the two of us, it's too much. But it is yummy (I lost my mold in a move many years ago, too)

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Ok first, after reading that recipe I want to come hang with you guys. Second do they know how much you've already done and purchased for this holiday? That's pretty crappy in my book. Everyone knows how much work goes into a big holiday dinner.

Can you share the Carrot, leeks and celery in vermouth? That just totally intriques me.

And of course we all need the chocolate bread pudding recipe...

I can't wait for our thanksgiving...I'm going all out
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Oh Lorraine, I feel so bad for you. I had a similar situation happen last Thanksgiving and I was so upset that I swore I wouldn't have any more holiday dinners for quite a while. Of course, I will, but it still took a while to get over the hurt.

I just love Thanksgiving. In fact, it's my most favorite holiday. We would still cook the whole meal even if it was just the two of us, although I might not make all of the sides. No way could we miss our turkey dinner!

BTW, that menu is amazing! Yummmm...


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We've been making the turkey & gravy out of the C@H issue #18 since it came out in 1999. The gravy is the best! Our family tradition generally includes a turkey with gravy, stuffing (Pepperage Farm herbed), mashed potatoes, scalloped oysters (for the hubby), green beans (not the casserole), jellied cranberries (out of a can, sliced), dinner rolls, black olives, red jello mold (if we're at my mom's), & pumpkin pie (from the Libby's label).

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Other than the basics and the turkey, I hadn't bought anything that I can't use. I just have waaay too much of it now. I didn't have anything prepped, was planning on starting tonight.

Rox, the pool is a nice big in-ground heated pool. Great to do laps in (if you can swim! )

After I got over myself, I don't think I really mind that no one is coming. It will make for a long relaxing weekend. We'll still have turkey, can't get away with not having it!!!

The carrots, leaks and celery is an old recipe from a cookbook I lost ages ago. The veg is julienned, about 2 inches long. I think the original recipe called for simmering them in vermouth and water, but I just use the vermouth, S & P. Very tasty, and looks good.

Our PC is hospitalized again, hope to have it back working sometime this weekend!
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