Volumes 1 thru 5 Arrived!
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Oh my, talk about a kid in a candy store!!!!

I had no idea the volumes would be bound so nicely. Now, I'm in a quandry - I'd love to have all the volumes and just not subscribe. But, that would mean I'd have to wait an entire year for access to recipes - unless C@H does a better job of posting on the other site! Decisions, decisions. One daughter and one son already subscribe, so maybe I'll just have to find someone to give the individual issues to when the bound volume comes out. $$$$$$$

My next big project is to go on a search here for reviews you've all posted over the years of the back recipes....
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I've about talked Dave into subscribing. He takes Taste of Home and I told him I did too, but when this subscription ends I wasn't going to renew it. He spent the weekend here and was busy copying recipes from CAH
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I got my daughter the annual editions for her birthday every year. Then she received a regular subscription as a gift from grandma. She definitely prefers the bound editions over the individual magazines.

I have all the individual issues and kept them in magazine holders until recently when I put them in binders. It keeps them in order and protects them from getting torn up.

It's a toss up between the convenience of a bound edition versus getting them throughout the year. If only cost wasn't a consideration I would do both!

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