Old Fashioned Chicken Soup
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I had some leftover turkey from a roast and made this recipe this evening because it is VERY COLD AND RAINY here---wonderful winter night for this type of dish.

We love chicken soups and this recipe was quite good with a few added herbs/spices. I also added a baby zucchini to the vegetables. It really needed more seasoning---none was really given in the recipe. I also added some fresh thyme (chopped) and a touch of onion powder. I do not have the particular noodles called for so subbed some fettucini instead---worked beautifully!! I would give this a 6--maybe 7--

The side----English muffins with Roma tomatoes and cheeses---great for a side but not sure about an accompaniment with chicken noodle soup---I added a bit of chopped fresh basil over the tomatoes---I think this would be much better with a tomato based soup---IMHO. I will definitely make these again---a solid 8-8 1/2.

Looking through that magazine again---I think more of these are upcoming because of our current weather---as long as the electricity stays with us---keep your fingers (and whatever else) crossed.
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I'm sure not acclimated to Washington summers again yet!! The thot of soup in June (almost July) has been unheard of the 15 years in California - but, looks like I can do summer and winter both here all year around.

This one is marked to try, but I haven't yet... The Avocado-Tomato Melts sound good also. "Kluski" noodles - I haven't heard of before, but will look before I go for just noodles.
thanks for the review.
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Jean, kluski noodles are common here for some reason. They just look a little more like a homemade noodle that has dried. They are nice in soup. The brand in the grocery stores here is Mrs. Weiss.


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