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I am curious where you all buy the more "special" types of pasta - like pappardelle, bucatini, mafalda ( little lasagna noodles), etc. I have not found any around in the regular stores. I think I saw either Pappardelle or bucatini in Trader Joes - but only one, and that has also been very recently.

Just curious if anyone has any good source, or if you are always subing something else, like I do.
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Hi, Erin, I've had good luck at the Stop & Shop in the next town over (Exeter, NH). I don't know if that chain is out there. They have some wonderful shapes and colors, even stripes!

When I don't feel like traveling (whoosh, a whole 10 minutes) I sub, just like you. When the kids were small, they always wanted shells. Couldn't convince them the shapes all tasted the same so we had shells

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Pastas are one thing I look for and buy as we hit different 'little shops' or wonderful 'big stores' in towns we travel thru - a lot of times I have to research to find just what dish a pasta is used for, that's fun! But, otherwise I do what you all do and sub.

P.A. sure isn't a metropolis of stores....
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I buy them on holdiays (especially Montreal), and lug them home. But, I do have a great little bakery, and a small grocery store closeby, both owned by Italian families, that carry a great variety of pastas. The one I can never find here is campanelle, but a friend in Warshington sent me some Otherwise, I do like you folks and sub. I have two full long shelves of dried pasta in the cold room.
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