Hey, Jan...
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Looking at my radar, it looks like you are getting some needed precipitation - hope it is enough. We have gone from drought to growing mushrooms in the last month, so maybe you are next.
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It rained for the first time in 3 weeks here today. Half way home, the sky got as dark as midnight. Then the thunder, lightening, and rain started. Couldn't see 10 ft in front of us. I was hoping for a nice gentle rain all day. Oh well.
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  Re: Hey, Jan... by Ron (Looking at my radar,...)
I don't know how any of the farmers in the area are going to survive. Now we are down 13"! I guess the farmers w/ too much rain are having another problem, flooding.

What a mess this is! Have your winds died down any? Mr HB is fishing as we speak. Golf in the morning, fishing in the afternoon and evening. He's having a ball!

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Weather here has been extremes - first drought, then violent rainstorms and now, wind. Some of the younger trees even have a bit of a bend to them at the top. The wind finally seems to be subsiding and I'm hopeful of getting out on the lake tomorrow.

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