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I blanched about 2 pounds of spinach this morning/afternoon using a deep sauté pan. When I was finished I had about a half-gallon of the darkest green spinach water I've ever seen. I was thinking of using it as a base for some type of soup or other dish...ideas? It's just too spinachy to toss out.
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Adjust the seasoning if need be Billy, it and drink it. I am sure you will like it as I do, and I really love it. I find it best drunk at room temp. or slightly warmed. If you can get some into Fredia so much the better. That thar juice is a tumble of vits and goods. We have, if you recall, a juicer, and I have started to use that a lot. Silver beet juice is divine, truly. So is raw beetroot juice. And they both have potassium in them. Such a neglected min. and so essentual. Heave some parsley in with them, so delicious, and celery, asp, and parsely is to die for.

Of course, use it for a soup or casserole base if you want, very good indeed. Yum yum.
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You have made a stock Billy, green gold. I adore veggie stock.
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use it to cook up some rice, risotto, pasta, etc. (freeze it and keep for St. Patty's day.... )
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