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Only two brands are available locally. I am coming to the end of the second, and like it no better than the first. I would appreciate suggestions of a good brand that I could purchase over the Internet. I don't use a whole lot, so a small bottle at a reasonably moderate price would work best for me.
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How much are you willing to spend? The brands at the supermarkets are really of sub-quality. The more expensive ones are the ones you want. Also have to look at the age. Do you know the age of the ones you've used in the past? That also affects the taste, considerably! I use balsamic ALL the time -- not in everything, of course, but we go thru bottles of it in a years' time. If you let me know how much you are willing to spend I can recommend several for you that you will be very pleased with.
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William Sonoma has two good ones--I forget the names--the white label is really nice.
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Say $20, $30 max.(small bottle okay, as I don't use a lot). Anything above that would be overkill for me - don't need one where a monk has been sitting on the barrel for 50 years. Would the white label from Williams-Sonoma be "Giusti 6 Year" for $18? The 10 year Giusti is $55, and that isn't going to happen.
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You say you don't use a lot Ron, so maybe, just maybe, $55 would be a worthwhile investment. A gift to the tongue?
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A PBS show called "America's Test Kitchen" had an episode about balsamic vinegars a couple of years ago and Whole Foods 365 brand came in first (I only remember one of the other vinegars, a Williams Sonoma brand). I bought it, thinking that at about $8/ bottle, what could I lose. And, amazingly, I liked it better than the (???) brand I had been currently using which cost about $30 for the bottle. You may want to give this a try first since it's so inexpensive (if you have a Whole Foods nearby, of course).

This site has some good info:

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I've yet to find a Whole Foods 365 brand product I don't love! Balsamic included. You're too busy fishing Ron, but I love to pick up balsamics at specialty stores on our travels. One I picked up - who knows where and is almost gone - is Antiqua, aged in oak no less , is a good one for less savory uses as it's sweeter, but good.

If you have one of the specialty stores around you, stop in sometime - quite often they have samples out to test what you'd like.
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The nearest shopping that you folks take for granted is 220 miles from me. Target and Walmart aren't exactly loaded with gourmet items so the Internet, by necessity, is my shopping cart. If I could get an answer on which W-S is good, I'd probably buy that because I haven't ordered from them in a while and they may be getting ready to cut off my catalog. I just noticed that this one from W-S also has a white label - is this the one?
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Continuing to browse, I see that Zingerman's #1 selling Balsamic is on special right now ($25 down from $35). Has anyone tried this? Or Lucini Gran Riserva, rated #1 by CI among the moderately priced. I'm going to order Monday, so more quick input will be greatly appreciated. CRITERIA: Under 30 bucks (lower is even better) and available on Internet.
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Here you go Ron - from my favorite online foodie group -

"Balsamic Tasting PackThis Tasting Pack is a terrific item for anyone intrigued by subtle, yet tangible differences among varying grades of authentic Balsamic from Modena. The Italian Center for Taster's Studies helped select this enjoyable, informative sampler. Our friends at Modeno provide a graded leaf system, which has produced 4 acidic levels of Balsamic- the higher the leaf grade, the lower the acidity.
For example, we learn that the Una Foglia (one leaf) is best for salad dressings, while the next grade up is smoother, making it ideal for finishing and for marinades. Three leaf Balsamic has a well rounded, full-bodied flavor, and is suggested for warm sauces over meats and fish. The four leaf is the one we all want to try. Its superb taste derives from only the best reserves and should be reserved exclusively for that special dessert, whether it be fresh fruit and ice cream or sweet cheeses.

Try them all. Each is represented with a 100 ml bottle and accompanying suggestions.
Size: 400 mls Item: 1010

Price: $20.99 "

The above is from
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