Make the most of your Grill/Smoker
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Last Saturday I Grilled and smoked an adobo sauce marinated pork tenderloin, some pork sausages, fajita beef, Hebrew National large franks, hamburger patties, a marinated flank steak, eggplant slices, zucchini, fingerling potatoes, and onions. We froze half of everything except the vegis.

Sunday lunch we had sausage--Dinner was grilled eggplant parmesana.
Monday nite-flank steak and grilled vegis.
Tuesday -hamburgers
Wed--my Copper River Salmon arrived!!!!
Thurs- pork tenderloin with a red pepper butter and a tomato/basil/mozzerela salad
Tonight--beef fajitas with something like Jeans black bean salad. We'll have a chili dog this weekend. Hamburgers too.

This Sat I'm ready for a NY strip and baked potato.
I cannot waste a fire so when I grill I make a big deal out of it--it's fun too. I've stillgot half left in the freezer!! Happy grillin and smokin!!!!
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