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Hi Guys,

How do i attach a picture to the post. I found a couple of pictures of my tomatoes and it is brag time.
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Here is the wonderful advice that was passed along to me from the great members of this forum :

Posting pictures to

The first thing you need to do is upload your pictures to your computer.
Log into Photobucket. The first thing you will see is a large box in the center of the screen. On top of the box it says, “Upload to: Piano” or whatever your login name is. Then across the top of the box it say ” Images from my PC” and three other boxes. Below that are some empty boxes that have the word “Browse” on the right hand side. If you click on the word browse it will take you to your PC. You want to “browse” until you find the file your pictures are in. Mine are in “My Pictures”. Then, you want to browse through the pictures until you find the one(s) you want to upload to Photobucket. You can select one picture per browse. There are three “browse” boxes there and under them is the words “add more.” If you have more than three pictures to upload, click on the add more. Once you have selected a picture you can name it in the box preceding the word browse. Once you have selected all the pictures you want to, go to the bottom of the box and you will see the word “Upload.” Click on it and it will upload your pictures into photobucket.

Posting URL from Photobucket to the forum
Open Photobucket. Directly under the Photobucket emblem you will notice the words “Albums and Upload.” Directly under that you will see “Current Album,” and then the name of the album. If you have several pictures you want everyone to see, right click on the name of the album and select “Copy shortcut.” Once you have done that, go to the forum, begin your post, place the cursor in the block where you will type your post. Type your post and then where you want the pictures, right click and select “Paste.” The URL where your pictures are located will appear. To insure it has been posted correctly, just above the word “Continue” which you normally click to post your comments you will see a little check-box that says, “I want to preview my post.” Check that and then click continue. It will bring up a window that shows you your post and the URL for your pictures. Click the URL and if it takes you to your pictures, you’re set. Then you can close the window with your pictures and under your post click on “continue.”
If you want to post only one picture, go to the picture and you will see under it three tags, URL, HTML, and IMG, click on the URL once [which copies it] and then paste the URL in your post where you want the picture.
You can create sub-albums for a group of pictures. You open the sub-album after you have created it and then import pictures. To post the pictures in the album, click on its name [like before] and post the URL where you want it.

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Thank you so much. the next question is how do you do it so your pictures are already open inside the post. I have seen it done.

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That was my question too in my pie contest thread.

Here was the answer:

"For those of you that use Photobucket, sign in, go to the picture you want to post: below the picture there are three boxes URL, HTML, and IMG. Left click once on the IMG and it will copy it. Go back to C@H and where you want the image to appear, place your cursor, right click and choose paste."

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Thank 'ee Lori...that is just how I write up instructions.
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None of the "Istant UBB Code" options work for me and never have!! To post pictures, I have to manually type

and paste my URL that I've copied from photobucket. No big problem and it works.

May I show you our completed deck projcet????? What a job this was!

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I've been aggravated trying to figure out how to put pictures in posts. I finally opened a photobucket account and pasted the image into the post window and it worked!

These people are my four children at our oldest daughter's wedding.

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Oh my, this is so fun! HC, you have a beautiful family! They all look so happy like they have a great time together. You are so blessed! No doubt, you enjoy them a lot.

And Jean, I LOVE YOUR DECK!!!That turned out so nice! You must love it, I know I would! Enjoy!


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Nice family HC doesn't it make you lonely already watching them grow up?

Oooh Jean, I wanna sit out there and have you wait on me
Don't wait too long to tell someone you love them.

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Thanx! It's all good... Every phase. They love eachother and cherish family. Each one is doing well, but I will be honest and say that it wasn't a cake walk raising four children!

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