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Quote: from cj's post back on June 6. . .

My earliest issue of C@H is June '03, issue #39 and I'm thinking I'd like to get a few of the 'years' that are offered. $30. a set, and being a little old lady on Social Security that I am, I want to be selective on what I order.

So, here's my question to those of you who have from the earliest thru 2002, which year(s) do you think have the best overall recipes??? This may be impossible to answer, but let's give it a try!


Referring back to this topic:

Last week (before I joined this forum and read this topic) I placed an order for the entire library. Have most of the issues but many are dogeared and quite ragged from sharing with everyone. I want a "good" set to keep for myself! Anyway, had a flyer which offered five installments to pay for this. When ordering the set on line there was no mention of the installment offer but there was a box to relay any questions, suggestions, etc. In there I asked if the installment offer was still available and if so to sign me up for it. I, too, am on social security so know what you're talking about cj. Tho it will be a bit "tight" for the next 3-4 weeks, I went ahead and ordered the entire library and am glad I did, especially after reading the email from the subscriptions manager.

Whether you order the entire set, one volume of the set, or just specific back issues, this applies to all the above.

Rather than repeating what Cuisine's manager said, I am attaching that portion of her email which addresses this.

Thought you all would be interested in learning about this. Here it is:

"I know there is a need to offer installments on the Cuisine libraries.
The only problem is that once we sell out of volumes 1-5 (the first set)
we are not going to re-print. When they are gone, they are gone. Then,
the library will consist of only volumes 6-10 or 6-11 depending on when
we run out of volumes 1-5. Each of the volumes are at a different
inventory level, so it is likely we will run out of a couple of
individual volumes before the whole 1-5 set. Anyway, it's confusing and
would be confusing to offer installments when some people only buy set
#1 and not set #2. Perhaps we can come up with a way to do installments
only when customers buy both sets. It's unlikely at this time though.

I will send your order for processing as it is now. We do thank you
for your comments and for your order.



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  Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by MUSICMAKER ([br]Quote: from cj'...)
I just ordered volume set 1-5.
  Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by MUSICMAKER ([br]Quote: from cj'...)
Oh- You scared me! I thought you meant they were going to stop making the magazine totally!

I know on some of the special publications - they are not reprinting those - Smart Carb cooking I think.

OH, I am still waiting for the shock to wear off. Good to know though for those that want back issues.
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  Re: Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by esgunn (Oh- You scared me! ...)
Sorry--didn't mean to shock you. Tried to prevent any shock by attaching cj's post. As her email states (her being the subscription manager), the back issues are going out of print, again, the reason for quoting cj's post. It was a shock to me to learn of this, regardless of it being back issues. Guess it had to happen one day, but you are never ready to see something so good go away. Sorry, again.
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  Re: Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by MUSICMAKER (Sorry--didn't mean t...)
I saw this thread the moment I opened the forum and my heart jumped right into my throat...I'm all better now. I'm trying to work my way through their MembersPlus recipes one subject at a time. I'm not much of a collector, so don't want the paper issues, but do want most all of their recipes, so I'll hurry through the MembersPlus site.
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  Re: Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by bjcotton (I saw this thread th...)
My feelings were the same as everyone else's reported so far. C@H used to offer indivdiual issues for resale, until they ran out.

I still have all of my original issues and bought binders recently (at Sam's Club, not from C@H) to keep them organized and safer from being lost or damaged.

  Re: Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by HomeCulinarian (My feelings were the...)
Printing isn't economical if you print only a small quantity. Looking at my volumes, even printing a moderate quantity would require a whole lot of storage space. Selling individual volumes results in quantity imbalances because some volumes will be more popular than others. Selling in five set modules solves that problem, but some people don't want to put down that much money at one time. It's a tough road to hoe for the publisher. I'm glad that that I bought mine last year.

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  Re: CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . . by MUSICMAKER ([br]Quote: from cj'...)
"CUISINE IS GOING OUT OF PRINT. . ." Oh heart palpitations, MusicMaker!!!! (I'd say you really got me back with that!!! )

Well, since you are a kindred spirit, little ol' lady on S. S. also, guess I'll follow your lead and invest in the volumes.

(Whoever has the most money and/or food at the end of the month has to feed the rest of us... )
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Geez ...that headline gave me almost a heart attack...Had to get on c@h and get all the volumes i am missing.

whew...close call
  Re: What a marketing tool by lxxf (I just ordered volum...)
I ordered this entire set a few years ago and am very happy that I did---if there is any way you can do this, and you love C@H as much as most of us do----I suggest that you do what you can-----I often go back to the beginning issues and am pleased with the recipe 85% of the time---but that's a matter of taste!!! GO FOR IT!!! And no---I do NOT have stock in the company!!!!!
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