A prophet in my own time?
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Our local news channel went to the home of one newscaster each Friday night to see their cooking specialty. One gal's oven was so dirty that that I sent her an email: "Girl, your oven has a CLEAN button on it. Use it, because your oven looks like the inside of an Iraqi prison!" Well, now they don't show the inside of the oven any more and say "Here is what it looks like BEFORE it goes in the oven, and here is what it looks AFTER it comes out."

I was asked what I thought of the new foodchannel show "Nigella Feasts." My comment was that, as far as I was concerned, Nigella bites. Was flipping through the channels this past weekend, as I see that the show is now called "Nigella Bites."

Khalil Gibran?
My girlfriend in the 70's gave me "The Prophet" and said that I was a reincarnation. I don't think so, but I do seem to have some foresight into the future.

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