Deja Vu
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This has absolutely nothing to do with cooking.

Five years ago, my Father turned 90. The following Mrch he was admitted to the hospital and passed away within two days. We could not contact my oldest brother, as he was travelling the back roads of Asia.
My Mother turned 90 last November. I found out today she was admitted to the hospital yesterday. ( they didn't want to tell me because they knew I'd be upset, I want to smack them!) They're not sure what 's wrong with her, and she'll be transported to a bigger hospital tomorrow. I can't contact my oldest brother, because, he's travelling through Asia again. Sound familiar?

This was only the 3rd Christmas in 33 years that I had not spent with my parents. Gil and I discussed it, and I made a conscience decision not to go, but man, am I feeling guilty now. Ya know, some days just suck.
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You're right Honey, some days just suck! I'll be praying for your mother Sugar.
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That's a lot of emotion to process at one time. I hope you take the time to take care of yourself throughout this all.

Yup, sometimes it justs sucks. I hope your Mom is okay.

Hugs, and prayers,

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Oh Lorraine, if only we had the gift of, get to where the family is and smack a few!! Love and prayers going out to and for you all.

Lorraine and I have talked about these times over the past few years, my mother is just one year younger - the 90th will be in Sept. - neither of us has been able to imagine our lives without our moms in it....

But, hopefully, this time will pass for your mom and she'll be home with you all soon!
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Don't worry yourself sick by feeling guilty about not being with your mother at Christmas. That's easy to say but I'm sure your Mom is delighted that you have someone to love, who loves you back and that gives her great joy. That's her best present ever, I bet.

We'll all be praying for her quick recovery and hope she get's home from the hospital very soon.

PS - I'm always the last to know in my family too. I'm the baby and I'll admit, emotional but we still deserve to know about situations.

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Lorraine, I hope that your mom is doing better today and that you are too. Be assured, the thing that your mom wants most for you in this life is to be happy. If the holidays were joyous for you this year, then they were for her as well. Please let us know how she is doing once you get a chance to get back to us. Big hugs,


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Moms are really special!!! It is very difficult to imagine what we would do without them in our lives----I think that most of us consider that each day!! Even though the years pass by---too quickly---she will have that special portion of your heart forever!!!

All the best thoughts are coming your way and I sincerely hope all works out for the best!! There are times that circumstances are not best for the situation at hand but out of our control---I HATE THAT!!!!

Keep in touch---we are part of the family and support your ups and downs. 90---WOW!!! Incredible life she has had---I hope we all are that fortunate!!

Hugs to you and yours, Lorraine
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Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, everyone. I'm waiting to hear the results of the tests they did today. My oldest sister is with her this week. Depending on the results, I may try to take next week off, and hop a train to Montreal this weekend.
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I am so sorry Lorraine, this is such a hard time for you. 90 is an amazingly good age, but many live to love much longer. You and Gil can spend next Xmas with her. Look forward to it Sweetpea.
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Well, kind of good news. The xrays showed something on her lungs. But, given that she has never had an xray in 60 years ( go figure) they have nothing to compare it with, So don't know if it happened 60 years ago, or last week. They have put her on blood thinners, and she will be in the hospital until at least next Tuesday. My sister will stay the week with her.
Then, either I can go , or another sister.

But, she say's Mom looks great, her colour is good, and she is eating everything in sight. My Mother has always said "You'll know I'm sick when I've lost my appetite" Yesterday for lunch she ate, get this, soup, a plate of pasta done in tomatoes, meat and veggies, a side of potatoes and veggies ( 2 starches??) , a salad, and a muffin for dessert. My sister looked at it and thought "she'll never eat all this". She thought she'd get to eat at least the salad and muffin!!! LOL

I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. Thanks.
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