Who was it??
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I got this email today:

You've been invited to the Group Recipes (http://www.grouprecipes.com/) food discovery community. Somebody though you were a big enough foodie to give you an invite.

Discover great recipes by flavor, let our recipe robot predict recipes based on your tastes, meet fellow food-lovers, and quite a bit more. We have some pretty nifty features.

It's an interesting site...just wondering if it was one of you guys that sent it so I could say "Thanks"
You can PM me if you're not comfortable sharing your name... I've heard we're not supposed to talk about other websites on this forum, but since they don't even respond to customer service emails, I really don't think they'd give a crap! LOL
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I know a whole lot of people who received that invitation. I know who sent mine to me but she isn't on this site. I didn't think anything of it until some people mentioned that their's just came out of the blue.

I can't wait to explore www.grouprecipes.com but I've been really tired this last week.

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I received one too, but couldn't find anyone on there I knew, so deleted the invite.
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I received it also, and didn't recognize anyone on the forums.
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I rec'd an invite also, it turned out to be from a gal on another forum - Lorraine & Billy, you probably rec'd yours from June also. I joined and will look around a bit. I have a new criteria for joining a site, I look up recipes for duck breasts and catfish and if there are good ones on site, I stick around a while.....

we'll see what we shall see.

P.S. but I didn't send on any recommendations of people.
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