December 2006: Issue #60 - Reviews
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Ginger Shortcakes: Have any of you tried this yet? I made this for dessert last night and we really enjoyed it. I would like to play with the ingredients some as I seldom have Ginger Ale (1/2 cup) in the I may sub orange juice or a little Pear Brandy for part of the liquid next time. It is a pretty dish to serve.

Also made the Pumpkin Clove Pound Cake with Eggnog Buttercream. Really nice recipe. I made this for a function at my Mom's house. I will make this again for sure. The honey and rum are nice in the cake and the Eggnog Buttercream is a surprise that rounds out the flavors.
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WHAAAHHHAAA!!!! SOON---very soon---I just know it!!!
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