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Thank you to all our past and present Veterans. God bless you all.
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What dollop said!! Now, I hope it doesn't rain today, so I can hang the flag!
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Thank you very much. I'm sure you felt safer with a 5'6", 108# soldier protecting you.

Steve I was only in from 1972-1975.

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Happy Veteran's Day all.

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Thank you and a big hug for all our veterans! Yes, I do feel better knowing that our soldiers are protecting our country. My parents are veterans who served during WWII and I have always been so very proud of them. God Bless all of you!

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Happy Veteran's Day to all who've protected and served our country!! I have a tremendous amount of respect for you!
Thank you!
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How can one express gratitude for this immense sacrifice??

LOVE to you all!!!! Happy Veteran's Day!!!
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Yes, I agree with Roxanne. How can we properly express our thankfulness to those who serve
Thanks Again Veterans, you are our HEROES!
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We have ANZAC day. The descendents of those from the 1st and 2nd WW, Korea, Vietman, are allowed to march wearing the medals of those deceased, or to unwell to march. They must wear the medals on the right side however, the youngest grandson would be preferred to march, before a widow or daughter, but women are allowed if there are no direct male descendants.

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