It's 57F And Partly Sunny
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Buddy is running around outside, barking and having a grand old time. The citrus trees in the back bedroom are beginning to turn their heads toward the full-spectrum light so I'll have to turn them once a week. There's only 25 days until I leave for NZ. Saw my niece at the hardware store where she works and said something about NZ, she put her hands on her hips and said, "Why do you have to take my Grandma with you? I want her to stay here!"
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11deg.C. here. it was cold this morning. High winds yesterday and last night, usual stuff, roofs blown off, trees down. A large branch from one the trees in the copse at the entrance blew down over our driveway. Shane, Christie and chainsaw cleared that up, it was too heavy to move in one piece. Although we are surrounded by trees, none of the old and creaky ones are anywhere near the house. A lot of exotics were planted around here so travelers would know they were coming to a stopping place. Which was a tiny farm house complete with bullet holes. There was a lot of fighting from here down to the North Waikato. We will go down to Rangiriri when you are here with the kidnapped grandma Billy, it is really very interesting.
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We were in the 70s today and it was a bright sunny day. The pups just stretched out on the deck and were basking in the sun.

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It was so flipping hot in VA today that the Lady Bugs were everywhere. It was really uncomfortable here.
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Are they the real ones (red) or the faux asian (orange) ones?
Those little orange ones bite. We also had a day in the 60s. I'm in the Cleveland area and it's unusual to have this nice weather during November. We just threw the grandkids in the stroller and went to the park.

I tend to get suspicious of these warm days, because I always feel that we'll be cheated in the spring. This spring was just spectacular.

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