My Grandma
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Hi, everybody...I just wanted to let you know that my grandma passed away at home surrounded by her family on October 28. I couldn't bring myself to post it until now. I'm ok. Thank you all for the support and comfort you've given me through this difficult time. It was greatly appreciated and won't be forgotten. I just love you guys.
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We all know the standard platitudes Tammy, they are platitudes because they are true. We're still with you and you're still in my prayers. God Bless!
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I am so sorry, TK because I know y'all miss her terribly. If it's any consolation, I don't think there's a better way to go to heaven than being at home, surrounded by a loving family and angels.

I'm sure she had a wonderful life and think of the joy she has now, being with friends and family that passed before her.

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Oh Tammy, I so didn't want to open this post....Bless your heart, what a wonderful granddaugher and family she had!

Soon, real soon I hope, you will just remember all the good times with her and the suffering will diminish a little.
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Hugs and prayers to you, Tammy, and your family. Your Grandmother will always be a special part of your life and heart---she will not leave you, EVER!!!!

Strength to you---your friends and "family" will support you in whatever way you wish----

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I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. I know how much you must hurt. Just know that I care about you,...we all do..and that if you need anything, please just ask.
Take care,
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I have to tell you about Tammy. She and I have been talking a lot via the PM on this personal matter.

4 years ago I lost my mother in law, sister in law and uncle all to cancer and all within 4 months of each other. So when I heard of her situation I instantly PM'd her

She contacted me for advice and information which I gladly shared. I knew her grandmothers prognosis was not good.

Tammy showed such incredible strength and compassion. Here she was going through her own ordeal and yet when I shared a bit of mine, her heart went out to me.

She has such a wonderful heart. It's people like her, and so many others here, that make this world just a little bit brighter.
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I'm so sorry, Tammy. It is very hard, isn't it? I'm still missing my grandmother 8 years after the fact. I'm glad she was surrounded by those who loved her, and those she loved.

My prayers are with you and your family.

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I am so sorry Tammy, to loose a loved grandmother is a painful thing. It sounds as if her passing was as soft as a butterflys wing. How we love our grandmothers, and continue to love them. 30 years later for me. As it will be for you. Something so marrow deep is not easy to speak of.
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Wow, thank you all so are all so very sweet. I wish I could give each and every one of you a big hug. Thanks again...

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