My Mystery Box
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Ok last night was my mystery box. The only item we knew for sure was chicken.

The other ingredients were - beets, blackeyed peas, cabbage, baby carrots, spinach, orzo rice, couscous, parsnips, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, panko bread crumbs, baquettes, oranges and limes.

We could choose 3 items and if we chose it we had to use it. We had to serve the protein, grain and veggie.

I chose an orange, spinach and baquette. We had free range of herbs both dry and fresh, as well as 'wet' goods. I chose fresh sage, thyme and marjoram.

I took my chicken and crusted it with fresh sage and panko bread crumbs and seared it to get a good crust and then just finished it in the oven. I made fresh sage dressing and took 1/2 the orange and chopped it up into the dressing. I reserved the orange half.

The other orange half when make a light orange butter, this was drizzled over the sauteed spinach. I also made a light pan sauce which was drizzled over the sliced chicken breast.

Lol can you tell I have Thanksgiving on my brain?

According to Chef I had the most ingredients but finished under the alloted time. I think 4 others just did a baked chicken breast (plain) and then sauteed some of the baby veggies with it. One did do a rice under the chicken. Another student did fried chicken and that was just yummy!! I had to steal a piece. Yet another did a balsamic glazed chicken that made my mouth water.

All in all a very fun night
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Whooooopeee! sounds like an A+ to me, Denise! Good for you.
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You really knocked their socks off! Great job!

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Well done, Denise----what a spectacular use of your choices---what time is dinner???? BTW---I'll bring dessert or the wine--- OR BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great imagination and use of products. Sounds delicious. You done good girl!
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Just marvelous Denise, I am delighted with your expertise.
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What a great job! Sounds delish!!


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