Christmas Is Coming........
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and we're all gonna get fat...oh, that's supposed to be "the goose is getting fat" isn't it? Oh well. Let's talk about Christmas shopping....mine's done! Heehahaheehaha Is yours? They're all boxed up and just need wrapping
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I haven't even made a list yet. I'm usually done before Thanksgiving with a few odds and ends to purchase. But this year...lordy my daughters birthday is the end of this month and I'm letting hubby handle the details. Heaven help her
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Pretty much done - love picking up 'stuff' on our travels around.
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I have my shopping done for an International mailing but haven't even started for the family. I give my granddaughter a savings bond and a present so that's pretty easy.

I have 2 boys and one needs NOTHING but the other one needs EVERYTHING. I usually give them and my DIL gift certificates for B&N. I have to find something that my 7yo Great nephew would want.

Mr HB is impossible to shop for.

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I find it easy to shop for people because I start in January. If I see something that says a certain persons name to me, I get it and set it aside. Of course I usually have to do this several times a year because I simply can't wait until Christmas to give it to them. You were easy Jan and so was Jean. Of course I had to shop for Jean again because I gave her the bamboo bowl that was her Christmas present earlier .
Don't wait too long to tell someone you love them.


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