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to be VERY excited--like coming out of my skin---like don't know to deal---NEED to calm down!!!!

It's official--confirmation today----Mom and daughter Wendy are coming for a visit in February---now how's that for a birthday present??? THE BEST!!!!

Wendy will escort Mom over and visit for a week--all the time she has left for vacation time at work and Mom will be here for a little more than 4 weeks---YIPPEE!!!! I will return to the States with her (she really does need an escort) and stay there for about 10 days---during which time I will see my son!!! WOW---hope my heart stays intact!! It's been two years since we have seen each other---time goes by too quickly!!!

Just thought I would share my excitement---- *and she is singing and dancing and carrying on like a looney---not caring what any body else might think!!!!*
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Oh Roxanne how wonderful!!! I'm excited for you! I see my mom a couple of times a everyday. I can't imagine going that long w/o seeing my mother, not to mention the kids!

That's awesom! I'm happy for you!!
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Roxanne that is fantastic!!! I am so excited for you Lol the way you wrote your post I can just feel how happy you are. When you come back what state will you be coming to? Oh please say California Be sure to get lots of pictures. Have you started planning your meals? TeeHee
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YAY Roxanne! I'd have to be tied down until February! I'm so very happy for you and you family.

I feel your excitement toooooo!

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How exciting for you! Both your Mom and your kids-Christmas in February!

Are your menus in place yet?

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GREAT news Roxanne!!!
Ever so happy for you
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Now that's exciting! I bet you're so, so,...happy, yeah, that's it, happy! I understand the waiting for something to happen.

Where you going to be when you come back to the states for those 10 days?
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Well, that brot the tears out!! How wonderful for you and your family. Oh man, Nov, Dec, Jan are going to crawl by for you and them.
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Oh Roxanne, I can feel your happiness ballooning out of the screen. What a wonderful visitation this will be, AND you get to go home for a little time. I am so happy for you dear Lady. You will be amazed how the time will go, even if looking forward now seems more like three years, rather than months. I am so excited for you, it seems an aeon since Billy and I made arrangements, and yet now I am beginning to feel the immediacy of him coming. How marvelous for all of us.
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Hey Roxanne,

Congratulations !!!I know EXACTLY your feeling. I have two daughters that live in Argentina. And they are coming home for Thanksgiving. I am counting days, minutes and seconds. It is sooo hard when you live so far away from your kids. But my girls are really happy there and dont even want to think about going back to US now. Oh well,I told them that as long as they are single they can live where they want but my grandchildren better live where I can babysit OR ELSE. HA HA.

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