Seared tuna and Avocado Salsa---Weeknight menus
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I have a ton of reviews that I would love to share--just haven't found the time to sit here. Here is the first---actually, that's not true, my artichoke review was aborted last night and I just couldn't bring myself to re-do it tonight, but I will, I promise.

Seared Tuna

This was a really quick and easy recipe. I think the trick here is to be sure you have a thick cut tuna steak--mine was on the thinnish side--we have not had fresh tuna here in ages and when I noticed them the other day at the market I just kind of went crazy--didn't really look closely enough at the thickness. Even though I adjusted the time, still a bit dry for our tastes. I will definitely try again with the correct cut-- The salsa is wonderful though---avocado and mango are a great mix. If anyone needs the recipe I will be happy to post---would love to hear what anyone else has to say re: this recipe. I haven't read too much from posters on recipes from this issue lately---any new adventures there??

I served with the zucchini-potato cakes from Issue 59. Critique on a different thread---I know others have made this and would love input on that as well.
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