First Dinner In Windsor, CO
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I don't like blogs, so I don't want to consider this post a blog - just thot you all might like to enjoy a little of the food we are having this weekend...vicariously thru me

For those of you who don't know what I'm up to in CO, I belong to a group that gets together once (at least) a year to put on a multi-course dinner to raise money for Chef Scholarships. Along with the dinner there is also an auction of all kinds of goodies. Last year we raised $10,000. (10 $1,000. scholarships)

Last year my buddies Billy and Lorraine were with us in Windsor and they are so missed this year!! Four of us arrived yesterday afternoon and we ended up having dinner at the restaurant where the fundraiser will be held Tuesday nite. The co-owner and Chef Florian Whurli has become a very good friend and for dinner we asked him to 'just feed us' - oh my and how he did!! I won't post all that we had, but we each had a different offering for each course and of course the dishes were flying back and forth to be tasted by all.
(Shoot, I guess this is turning into a blog...they remind me of Christmas letters and I've never been fond of those! )

Honeyacres Vine Ripe Tomato and Green Pea Mousseline Open Ravioli
Fresh Haystack Goat Cheese and Crispy Sage
(This was absolutely wonderful-and the colors!!!)

Seared Canadian Lobster Sausage
Carmelized Garlic Sauce
Leek Fondue and Tobiko
(HubbyRoy had this - again wonderful!)
Oven Baked Lobster, Sweet Corn and Brandy Bisque en Croute
(Another gorgeous to look at and even better to taste)


Sauteed Spomer Ranch Bison New York Steak
Morning Fresh Blue Cheese
Poblano Potato Mousseline, Roasted Colorado Corn and Tomatillo
(this to me was the hit of the night - the flavors were just out of this world good!)

Sauteed Long Family Farm Pork Tenderloin
Purple Mustard Sauce (must learn how Florian makes this)
Butter Braised Heirloom Tomato, Macaroni Gratin with Smoked Bacon and Onions
(Again, if you could manage to get all the flavors at one time....which I had no trouble doing was so good!)

Black Tea, Bourbon Vanilla and Red Chili Rubbed Natural Beef Skirt Steak
Lemon Grass Sour Cream
Couscous Timable and Braised Baby Bok Choy
(one of the other chefs had this dish, another gorgeous presentation and was wonderful to taste!)

Well, that was dinner last nite. This a.m. we will be back at Florian's for a Sunday Brunch. Roy has family in the area, so each year we meet for brunch while we're here. I got to look at the Brunch menu and I don't know how I'm going to choose...

I sure hope my chef jacket still fits by the time we start cooking....
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We all should have such difficult decisions to make---lucky you!!! But again, you've earned it. That lobster sounds to die for We do have FedEx here if you need some help!!

What a wonderful organization to support up and coming chefs--are there any specific qualifications to apply for one or are they just granted to an individual on merit? My daughter (in Scottsdale) has a chef friend that does the very same fund raising for students at Arizona University. He has quite a successful establishment in Scottsdale--name escapes me now--and is very active in these campaigns. What a wonderful sponsorship program--hats off to you!!!

Now to get Maine Lobster---hmmmm-----------
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Did you say there was a Sunday Brunch Jean? Hmmmm, must have been at the airport for that last year...

I was the "duty driver" last year and had to pick someone up at the airport while "they" had the brunch...didn't even save me a bite...bless their hearts
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I love to read about people's restaurant or other dining experiences, the dishes they had and what they thought of them. I wish there was a restaurant section on this site, so we could all post about restaurants at which we've eaten in various areas. You never know when we all might travel to an area at which a member posted a restaurant review. It would be a good place to get recommendations. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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It all sounds great, Jean. But, the soup, I want the soup!!!! I have pics of last year's brunch.

Poor Billy! I forgot you missed the brunch.
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