7/31 Dinner Critique
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Another C@H winner!! I must admit tho, I had to do an abbreviated version - trying to use up goodies before we left, so I had a small chunk of pork tenderloin and a couple of chix thighs. And I had to finish up some other side dishes, so didn't do the potatoes. But those are so close to some that I already do, that I know they will be a winner also!!

I liked the 'brown sugar, salt, cayenne' rub, altho I think it could have used a little more flavor. It was a nice addition.

But, we really enjoyed the Summer Relish (had a half of a jalapeno in frig, so added it also) - that is definitely a repeat!

All in all a very tasty dinner - didn't fix a dessert. But...speaking of desserts, I did do one a couple nites later that was really good - not a c@h, just throw together.

a 'six-pack' of Keebler's graham cracker individual little pie crusts.
Smear ~1 T. of peanut butter on the crust.
Add a big scoop of coffee ice cream
Put in freezer till ready to serve.
Take out and drizzle with Chocolate-Honey Sauce (I think I posted the recipe for this)
top with toasted chopped nuts.

My, this was good!! There were three of us, so dessert was taken care of for the two nites our friend was here.

In case I didn't post it - Chcolate-Honey Sauce

8 Ozs Bittersweet or Semisweet Chocolate, chopped
1/2 C (1 Stick) Unsalted Butter
3 Tbsps Honey
Optional: a Pinch of Cayenne

Stir chocolate, butter & honey (and cayenne, if using) in top of double boiler set over simmering water till melted & smooth.
Sauce can be prepared 3 days ahead.
Cool completely; cover and refrigerate.
Stir in top of double boiler till heated thru before using (note: or carefully warm up in microwave, just seconds at a time till pliable)

This particular sauce is so good on ice cream because it sets up but not a hard 'set up' and it doesn't puddle around the plate. Plus...it's just delicious, especially with a pinch of cayenne!!
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We liked this dinner overall. The pork was tasty and simple. The summer relish was ok, James liked it better than I did. Nice to do the whole thing outside. We grilled zucchini and onions with it too. For dessert we did the Iced Irish Coffee from the back of the latest issue. This was scrumptious.
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Cook this up on Sat and I like the balance of the hot and sweet, but felt it was missing something. The meat was tasty since it had been grilled so had that nice smokey flavor.

I liked the relish, hubby didn't care for it. At least not on the meat. He felt it should have been put into a processor and made into a salad dressing. (something to consider).

I also did the potatos, but russets can be picky and decide not to cook or you'll get one that cooks right fast. I did cheat and add other seasonings. Potatoes can be so bland so I added a pinch of red pepper flakes and some chopped cilantro. They came out pretty good. I kept a warming plate on the side of the grill so if some cooked faster I could take them off and keep them warm.

For desert we did the grilled pinapple..well it didn't really make it to desert The fruit and pork were very tasty together.

All in all, I'd do this dish again.
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I served "dinner" last night and was so thankful this was grilled as it was 98* yesterday (still 90* at 11 p.m. and 80* at 5:30 this morning).

The over-all feeling on this recipe, for the 2 of us, was that it was - fine. I agree that the pork was moist but not as flavorful as I would have liked it. I think I will make this again and use Penzey's Northwoods Fire on it next time with the sugar. (I like the sugar/heat combination...just needed a little more spice for us!)

We enjoyed the relish. I didn't have anything but Balsamic to use (I thought I had the other...) but it was fine. I think the Balsamic worked against the pork better for us anyway.

I fixed the potatoes and grilled red peppers and onions (from the garden).

Dessert was a butter cake, local peaches, and a "dollop" of sweetened mascarpone.
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I really liked this dish! I fixed everything as printed from C@H, making no subs. My pork came out nice and spicy,sweet! Very moist and tender. I'm going to use the leftovers today to put on a toasted ciabatta roll for lunch!

I liked the relish...just a little too much parsley for me. I'd rather use cilantro instead, or just leave the parsley out all together. But it was nice and refreshing. I ate it with the pork.

My potatoes turned out great! In fact, they were a big hit. Fixing 2# wasn't near enough and next time, I"ll have to double for my family of 4. The little one doesn't like any potato unless it comes from McDonalds....and she ate 4 of these planks!

I give this dish a 9 out of 10!
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Oh my! Although I had to fix the dinner a little [well, quite a bit] differently, it was marvelous. The pilaf was a little dry and could have had more taste [kalamata olives, roasted red bell pepper and slivered mushrooms cooked in chicken broth], it too was good. The sauteed spinach we all fixed with an earlier dish and know it was good. I sauteed zucchini in some butter, a little S & P and loved it. The Tenderloin was so tender I literally cut it with my fork. Had a nice porky/meaty flavor to it.

I'll definitely make this again. Hopefully next time I can follow the recipe and use the relish and cayenne.
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@%*%@$*** is happening here soooo I did not have the time to go the market for my ingredients but will when we get out from under our present debacle. UGH!!! BUT--all of the catch up will be keeping me busy once I am able to get back to my kitchen. SOON???? Hopefully.
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