Ooops!! What's yours?
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Ok so we had our big tree trimmed in the backyard. That in turn took my satelite dish out of commission. Which in turn made me think..well good as time as any to do some baking. I call said satellite company to have them come put back into whack....sure we're happy to! On Thursday. What?!?! And it's going to cost you $80. Oh h*ll no it is not! I pay that insurance...(can you see my blood pressure rising like a fine dough?) Ok so they will cover it, but it will still have to wait till Thursday. (The and no reality tv shows for 5 days)

Whew..ok now you have the back ground. Well off I go to the store for some items I crisco. Which when I get home suddenly turns into some yellow can of lard. "wth? They still make and sell lard? And how in the heck did this get into my cart?" Back to store for crisco and to return lard.

Ok at home and this still has nothing to do with my Ooops.

I decide to whip up some of my pumpkin bread. My recipe makes about 5 loaves and it really is yummy. Preheat oven to 350 do all the measuring, mixing and pouring and place the 5 soon to be yummy loaves in the oven. Set timer for 1 hour and 30 minutes...

Oh did I forget to mention I have two ovens? Feeling the pain of my oops now? Yeah seems I put my loaves into the wrong oven..for an hour and half and the residual heat from the oven that was on turned my loaves into a coagulated mess.

So what's your oops? Come on make me feel a bit better here...I'm without tv and pumpkin bread!
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I thought mine was going to end in fatalities. Had company this week. For appetizers I'm serving sharp cheddar cheese and crackers with our local summer sausage called Croghan Bolgna, and with Monterray Jack I'm thinking I'll slice up this Chorizo that I picked up at local market, never had this particular one before. Slicing it seems very soft and mushy, won't make nice circles. Guests and I nibble samples while I'm slicing. Everyone agrees it tastes very good but doesn't act right. Husband and guest read tube label COOK FIRST !!!!
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Oh, boy, I have so are a few...

Accidentally used baking powder instead of baking soda in my favorite cake recipe. It was awful.

I had a ham that apparently had some plastic wrap around it...I didn't know it was there until I baked it. Yuck!

Made some ribs in a Pyrex baking dish...the ribs were drying out so I dumped some cold water into the pan and shattered it. Duh! (<~~~this was a long time ago!)

I've done the "cooking" on the wrong burner or in the toaster oven that wasn't plugged in too. Stuff always works better when it's plugged in.
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Oh you guys! I have never, ever, ever done anything wrong like y'all did...except, I lie a lot
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I decided to make a cake once (decades ago) we prepared, bought a tin, a wack, a cake mix. Did the business and turned it out onto rack. It seemed to be sinking. we looked underneathe to see all these little squares appearing through the rack. Haven't made one since.
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*Dropped a whole pan of lasagna on the floor once....while trying to put it in the oven.

*Burned gourmet gouda cheese/apple stuffed sausages on the grill so badly at a family gathering, had to cut away 1/4" just to eat the meat.

LOL.....I'm sure there are many more. They are usually just things I choose to forget!
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...It seemed to be sinking. we looked underneathe to see all these little squares appearing through the rack...

Haha the mental image of this just makes me chuckle. Cake Squares by Vannin. However did you frost them
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Didn't, gave up in disgust and binned it.
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Bagels----just can't get them to look like anything other than flat pancakes---I have tried several recipes and the same thing happens, over and over again!!! I know all of my ingredients are fresh--I even ordered the high gluten flour from Baker's Catalogue. I don't usually give up--but I have on this one---to the local New York deli when the craving arrives---
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