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Okay guys, my grandmother is still in the hospital.... I wonder if this saga will ever end. She is going for an arteriogram in the morning. She has a clot in the leg that they removed the veins from. Please keep sending thoughts and prayers her way. It has been quite the ordeal.
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They are on the way daily my dear. YOU keep your spirits up, ya hear? These things are very stressful to the care-taker too.
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Yes Billy, a very salient point. Who cares for the carer. A person critical to the health and wellbeing of our patient. And central to the wellbeing of those around them.

Angela, your grandmother will understand better than anyone the balance of love and duty. She will have done it many times in her long years. It does not mean you love anyone less, but you are also a mother, as well as a grand daughter. She knows that. This unfortunate developement is not uncommon. But is much to bare. On top of everything else. Hold your chin high sweetheart, and uphold everything your grand mother would expect of you. Crying comes later, sometimes decades later. Be strong through this reversal, and uphold the others. As you are able. Draw strength from your husband, do not faulter. We are with you in as much as we can be. Dear Lady, and will remain with you.
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Oh Angela, I'm so sorry to hear she has more to undergo!! Our thots and prayers are still with you and your family. darn!
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