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Thank you so much to all of your well wishes for my grandma. I arrived at the hospital at 5:45am this morning and left tonight at 7! I am exhausted. She is doing wonderfully! I couldn't be more thrilled! Her coloring looked better than it has the last few times I've seen her! She is still on the ventilator, and will probably remain so until tomorrow. She was trying to wake when I left. I could tell she was fighting to see and speak. Bless her heart... All of my immediate and some extended family was there all day. We laughed and shared stories and even joked about how grandma would "go to such extreme measures as this to get the family together!" Anyway, thank you so much for your friendship and concern! I will be there again tomorrow....and as long as I need to! I miss you guys and will return as soon as I can!
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Angela, dear Lady. Better news could not be heard. I am so happy for this outcome. I was expectant of it, but nontheless very very happy. For your grandmother, for you, for your family. Well done, all of you.
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Take care of your family dear, we'll be here when you get back.
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Your Grandma and family certainly come first - your family of friends here will take up the slack of yakking till you can again join us - such wonderful news!! Bless her heart - in the truest sense of love!!
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YIPPEE!!!!! So very happy that all went well--that ws the hard part. She will be off the vent most likely today and up in a chair if not taking a few steps---you will be absolutely amazed at how quickly she will bounce back!!

Best wishes to all---she certainly needs all that TLC her family gives her----she is a very lucky lady!!

Hugs to you all and see you when you take a deep breath--we ain't goin' anywhere.
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