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.......are we so susceptable to trends, fads, and suchlike? In (many) years gone by, we had fits of preferred food, but it never dominated. Never took over our main diet. An attack of piccalilli and corned beef sandwiches rarely lasted more than two weeks, before vegemite and crisp lettuce took over as the must have lunch. Or cottage cheese and pickled beetroot. Whatever.

But whole countries rushing to the low/non fat diet? Atkins, South Beach, and a miriad of other silly carryings on. Why do people do it? Are they overcome by advertising? Seduced by weight gain or loss? Captivated by vaucous promises of regained memory, or sex life. Or whatever happens to be flavour of the month. I have no doubt that some natural remedies particularly have great benefits. But why do people get hooked on whole eating programmes. Like a religion. (By the way,the root word of 'religion' is "to bind". I am Christian by common sense, because I wish to keep my freedom). We have children on the news, in parlous states of malnutrition, because their parents have not given them a whole diet. Some have died. What is it with this food thing?

Is it control, then, we ask, by whom.
Is it people overwhelmed by advertising.
Is it two job, tired parents.
Cultish fools perhaps who hand their lives, and families, to others. Submission, easier than living.
The 'I saw him, I did, it was Elvis' nutters.
Maybe the "you will loose 9,000 lbs in the next day and a half Nutters.

Which is OK, do it to yourself, but they do it to their children too. So why do we so slavishly follow such silly diets?
  Re: Why........ by vannin (.......are we so sus...)
Mrs. Dale.....I'm on the bad-for-you food bandwagon today!! LOL My grandmother suffered a near heart attack yesterday. Today she had a heart cath done. She will remain in the hospital until she decides her fate. Her choices?
1. Take medication and more than likely die sometime in the near future.
2. Put in 3 stints to unblock the 3 arteries nearly 80% blocked...by the way, he fears this would cause her to have a heart attack and/or stroke, rendering her memory-less.
and 3. Open heart surgery to clean out as much blockage as possible. She is 79. The one 100% true, pure, honest, loving, open, caring, compassionate, giving person in my life.

The doctor told us that her arterial blockage is hereditary and that unless we ate a well balanced, low-fat diet, and excersized regularly, that our fate would be the same as hers.

That's what prompted me to make the comment about the "heart attack chimichanga". By the way, my love for food will still provoke me to try them!!
Loving every moment of my life!!
  Re: Re: Why........ by Bizymomma (Mrs. Dale.....I'm on...)
Open heart surgery sounds the best option to me Angela. Not that it isn't 'tough goings' whichever way you turn.

You tell me your grandmother is 79. It is a fine age. In her 80th year her mind will team with memories of a too eventful century. Some she will want to forget, but be unable, some she will recapture, with her hands cupping her beloved babies heads as she holds them close. So close. And her grandchildren too, breathing in the sweet perfume only a baby can give us. Returning that steady stare, only an infant can bless us with. Now is your time for protection and nurture. Hard decisions, holding a soft old hand. smiling, because she always loved your smile, it is her right. It is your blessing to her. No-one on this earth can tell you which way, which path you should take. It is best left to your grandmother, she will know what she wants. Mostly, I think, she will want you and other loving family about her, she will hear them even as she sleeps. People can, it is a funny business, they can repeat whole conversations later. Whatever is decided will be the right thing for her. And maybe you will kiss her goodbye in ten years time. Have courage, and live. I know what it is to loose a grandmother like that.
  Re: Re: Why........ by Bizymomma (Mrs. Dale.....I'm on...)
Angela, it will be a real challenge in the next few months with your Grandma - I'm so sorry this is happening to your family. I had a massive heart attack 14 years ago and I can hardly think of all the wonderful things I would have missed had I not had the most wonderful cardiologist!! So, fingers crossed an prayers sent up that she will have the same.

Balanced menu - in a nutshell!! As Julia Child always said moderation in all things! I try to be careful, but I also refuse - especially as a cook - to deny myself trying all the wonderful foods out there. I just won't give it all up. But, we try to balance those days with very healthy days. Also, when I'm trying dishes most always more than half gets given away, so that certainly helps.

Fad diets - no way, balance - yes. and that does sometime mean using lower fat products. They do have a place in our kitchens also.

Angela, again, good luck with your grandma!!
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My prayers for both your family and Grandma. I was scheduled for a triple bypass in 2000. After 21 days of waiting in the hospital I told them they either do something within 2 days or I was checking out. They ended up doing three stints instead of the bypass. I have had no problems since...just something to think about. Whichever way y'all go, I'll keep you close in prayer.
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  Re: Why........ by vannin (.......are we so sus...)
Why do cops drive fast?
Why.......because we can.
I know speaking for myself and my spousal unit, we get bored and like something different. It keeps the marriage together.... that's just my 2 cents
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Thanks for your kind words! I know this will be a tough decision for my grandmother to make. I will support her no matter what, but sure would love to have her around many more years...
Loving every moment of my life!!
  Re: Re: Why........ by Bizymomma (Thanks for your kind...)
Ok guys, my grandmother has decided on the bypass surgery. 7am tomorrow morning. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will update you when possible. Thanks again for your support!
Loving every moment of my life!!
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Prayers and healthy thoughs, zinging your way. Bypass in the elderly is good stuff, they have a good network of peripheral circulation then. My beloved aunt had a pulmonary embolism corrected at that age, she recovered wonderfully well, and felt a million $s. All the best to your dear grandmother, and your family. You will see things will just be fine. Hard, but fine. Always remember our names are engraved on the palms of His hands.
  Re: Re: Why........ by Bizymomma (Ok guys, my grandmot...)
You and your family have my thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. The uncertainty of it all can be so oppressive.

My Mom underwent a triple bypass and valve replacement at the age of 78---she is now 81 and MORE active than ever. Medicine and surgical techniques today is very advanced and she will get the best available to her.

Please let us know that she is doing beautifully.

Hugs to you all---Roxanne
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