OK, orlrite then........
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This is my first post. I wish vote myself Dummy of the year. Why? you arx y'solf. Quite naturally, being the blabber mouth I am, I shall tell you.

I sez to Billy, I sez, Billy I can't post. Yes you can he sez, and proceeds with crystal clear instructions. I must have followed them wif me eyes shut. I wuz looking for a blue line. I wuz blue lineless. I sez Billy, Billy I sez, I have no blue line, no blue line I sez. I stamped and raged, threw a major hissy fit, Kicked walls, and was rude to the dog. So he gave me crystaller instructions.

Now you see, dear reader, it woiked. I can post. Look at meeeee. No longer fettered by a postless existance, I can drive you all out of your minds, drive you crazy, drive you to distaction, drive you to the supermarket. If that where you want to go. Just kidding, feel safe dear hearts, (but just a bit). ;Þ
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What a relief ! Post on!!

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