What's for dinner? 7/07/18
My wife and I are teaming up to cook a Mexican dinner tonight. She's making Roasted Poblanos in Cream Sauce with Chicken Breast (Rajas con Crema y Pollo). I'm making the Mexican Rice from issue #60.
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Oh my, that sounds just delicious, Blane!

Our grandson had two baseball games today and we were blessed with glorious weather so spent the day at the ball fields. On the way home, we picked up gyros from one of our favorite gyro shops.

I have a recipe for gyro meat that is sitting on my desk waiting to be used. Will post the results when I make it as it sounds really good.

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Blane . . . Mexican sounds so good - we had grilled albacore tacos for lunch - ancho chili marinade.  They were awesome!  We had a cup of Seafood Stew to go with.  It was like eating the ocean!

Maryann there are several gyro places around here - we have to try one of them, I could have a salad or the falafel!

I had planned an Asian Seafood dinner, but after lunch it didn't sound so good.  

We went to the Farmers' Market first thing - so dinner was a Little Gem Romaine & Frisee salad with a lemon balsamic olive oil dressing with melon, garlic salami, shaved parm., prosciutto, kalamata olives and some amazing lemon/rosemary sourdough bread.  Fresh is so amazing, and I can eat this sourdough bread without any problems.  

We have lots more goodies for the next couple of day, plus we've been given some salmon and trout . . . OMG!
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