Mystery Box Dinner - for Jean
Labs and I thought it was time for another Mystery Box Dinner!  We haven't done one for a long time and this one is an homage to our beloved Jean and a way to maybe use up some of those leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.  

First ingredient:  A Thanksgiving leftover of your choice - reimagined.

For the lurkers and new members it goes like this; everyone ads an ingredient to the list and unless there is a food allergy we have to use it.  Flour, sugar, salt, pepper, milk/cream/butter are considered pantry ingredients.  We welcome you all to come have fun with us.  

We will close the ingredients  Nov. 30th Dinner Reviews by Dec. 5th if that agrees with everyone.

Let's play!
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!

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